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Created May 29, 2009 by Brian


Shelford Against Gravel Extraction (SAGE) is an action group set up to fight proposals from the Crown (as landowner) and Brett Aggregates (as developer) for mineral working in the Parish. There is overwhelming rejection of these proposals by villagers and the Parish Council and Kenneth Clarke MP has indicated that the site of the mines is in a "totally inappropriate place adjacent to a small settled community" Leader of the Conservative Group on Notts. County Council, Kay Cutts, has also stated that the gravel workings surrounding the village would be highly visible from all angles and "in no way should they be allowed".
The unique views over the Trent Valley are enjoyed by thousands of people from within Nottinghamshire and beyond and many wander its three peaceful street and pathways including the Trent Valley Way.
Brett is hoping to include the Shelford site in the Nottinghamshire Minerals Plan, has said that it is consulting with the community to discuss the provision of amenities such as parkland, nature reserves and marinas after the extraction has finished. What needs to be pointed out is the complete devastation of the landscape and disruption to the local community for a minimum period of fifteen years.
We are not nimbys. We recognise the need for sand and gravel and that it has to come from somewhere. There are other sites which are not close to established communities and which would not cause the huge impact on local life.
We the undersigned ask Nottinghamshire County Council not to include Shelford in its plans for mineral extraction.

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    Beautiful area with unique historical background. Close to the city it should be seen as a natural asset to be protected rather than developed. I am a boatowner and think there are enough marinas near Nottingham as it is. Walked it today, great views and saw lots of birds and three deer. Crown Estates should be ashamed.

  2. Roger Gibbons UNITED KINGDOM

    Increase river traffic when transporting sand and gravel to Colwick Industrial estate.
    Increase in road traffic from Colwick Industrial Estate

  3. Sam morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    Someone has to lose here. Either the business extracting the minerals or the people using the area for recreation or living. The area will benefit from an increased workforce, commercially speaking and the country economically, no doubt. But the scar of the mine will ruin the area for sure. I walk in the area, have for years, uprooted my family to move here at great expense and personally think that if profit is to be made it should be split amungt the residence and visitors. That’s only if this goes ahead, but personally would prefer the view than the cash in my pocket. On balance, if this means the mining company going bust then so be it, if it means that i can’t build a patio or repair the roads then that’s fine too. The point is that the small impact that this will have on the economy, workers, industry or construction does not justify the huge impact the area will experience. It”s a no from me.

  4. Joe Fisher

    Many more appropriate sites for extraction.

    Shelford is rich in beauty, wildlife & productive farmland.

  5. M Dunthorne

    Roads in this area become very congested and the lorries from this site will only add to the congestion. Drivers paid by the load tend to find it difficult to adhere to speed limits. There are several deep water gravel pits in this area and they are a complete waste of good agricultural land and have no purpose..

  6. Suzanne Rose UNITED KINGDOM

    This area is a haven for wildlife and should remand so.

  7. Peter Short UNITED KINGDOM

    Environmental impact

  8. Kirsten Lenton UNITED KINGDOM

    No the right place, would be a complete eyesore and detrimental to the local area.

  9. Jack Rodber UNITED KINGDOM

    Beautiful part of Nottinghamshire.

    Get your gravel somewhere else.

  10. Andrew Saunders UNITED KINGDOM

    Flood plain wrong!!

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