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Created March 14, 2011 by Rahma

Human Rights

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister
Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative, European Union
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, United Nations
The Rt. Hon. William Hague MP, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
HE Hesham Youssef, Chief of the Cabinet of the Secretary General, League of Arab States
Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the OIC

We are petitioning for assistance in evacuating the thousands of Somali refugees, students and migrant workers that are stranded in Libya due to the current unrest and humanitarian crisis.
We have seen many other nations evacuate their citizens from Libya; however, many Somali refugees remain stranded as they have no stable government to rely upon for protection and safe evacuation. Additionally many cannot return to their country due to the instability. Recent estimates show that there are 2,500 Somalis still trapped in Tripoli and another 500 in Benghazi.
According to UNOCHA, the numbers of Somalis arriving at the transit camp in Tunisia continue to increase day by day. Only 500 Somali refugees have managed to cross into Tunisia but still require support and assistance due to their status in the country
The UNHCR has appealed to the international community to ensure the safety of all people from war torn countries such as Somalia.
The situation on the ground for Somali refugees is dangerous as they have been accused by protestors as hired mercenaries for the current regime. Due to this, they are being attacked and in some cases executed.
The Somali people stranded require assistance to leave Libya safely. We implore you that this plea doesn

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  1. farhiya abdulle seattle UNITED STATES

    i would love for this students to fly out safe

  2. maryan musa UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  3. Ali Ahmed Dhimbil Breda the Netherlands NETHERLANDS

    I am a chairman of Somali community in the city of Breda am disturbed by the situation that these student has fallen into willing to assist, but I do not know how. I can perhaps put this information on our community website

    Mr daud ahmed
    chairman of Somali community of Breda

  4. Romina Degli Esposti london UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Muna Ahmed london UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Aminah mohamed BAHRAIN
  7. Abuukar Siad London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jie Ren Columbus UNITED STATES
  9. Mahamed Diriye UNITED KINGDOM

    Please help the Somali refugee’s stuck in Libya who have no safe homeplace to return to.

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