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Created November 17, 2010 by Chris


We the undersigned are opposed to the development of the Eco Park in Charlton Lane, Shepperton on the grounds that in our eyes it will reduce recycling rates, officially burn un-sorted black bin waste with no regard to their content, and expel a number of pollutants into the surrounding area which currently have not been assessed for long term health and environmental risks. This goes against the UK Government policies of Air Quality Management and ensures that targets will not be met for dioxin and CO2 emissions in what is already an Air Quality Management Area. By the UK governments own admission the poor air quality will redue life expectancy between 7 and 9 months and cost upto

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  1. Donna Jane Craft Shepperton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. leon reichel shepperton

    this development is situated too close to housing and the health risk is unknown. if the management are prepared to move on site with their families i will reconsider my point of view, but i would advise them against doing so.

  3. Valerie Haller Charlton Village

    The development is proposed on the fringes of Surrey, transport of waste would cover long distances. It is unproven technology and emissions would be a health hazard. Planning proposals are within the Green Belt. Congestion of local roads would impact on local infrastructure. Noise pollution as plant would run 24 hours. The area is already a high pollution area. The proposals are not part of the Surrey Waste Plan 2008.

  4. Hannah Reichel Shepperton

    complete inconsideration for local people

  5. david mcdowall Shepperton UNITED KINGDOM

    I've got 2 young children and I'm very worried about this indeed. I would consider moving if it gets built.

  6. Antonia McDowall Shepperton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please stop this monstrosity.

  7. Paul Jacons Stanwell UNITED KINGDOM

    If you really need an incinerator then it should be placed in an area with considerable natural carbon sinks and no population for some miles. It should not be located at the Charlton Village site which has residential buildings in close proximity, and 3 built up areas nearby. Better not to burn rubbish at all because it causes unecessary carbon waste and as it is a mixture of waste material the chemical release will cause damage to the humans, animals and fauna. Protest loudly!

  8. Hannah Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    We dont want the eco park here!

  9. jennifer saul UNITED KINGDOM

    This doesnt sound very good for the environment.

  10. Maggie Wang UNITED KINGDOM

    The Eco Park has been granted to go ahead in June 2011. I’m very disappointed by it, what can we do to stop it?

  11. Alicia Myers UNITED KINGDOM

    Please help to stop it! GET INVOLVED!!!

  12. Jill Busby UNITED KINGDOM


  13. David Fox UNITED KINGDOM

    Complete nonsense. Not in my county.

  14. E.Gay

    Air quality is already disgusting due to Heathrow perpetually exceeding its limits & now you want to thieve 25 acres of green belt land to add to the all ready disgusting air “quality” putting many residents including children, at risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Absolutely NO.

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