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Created March 19, 2009 by Roger


We the undersigned call upon Cornwall Council to recognise and to act upon the need for a modern multi-functional Stadium for Cornwall.

It must become the responsibility of our new Cornwall Council to help facilitate a Stadium for Cornwall with the modern facilities of which the people of Cornwall can be proud. A Stadium that would serve to inspire our local sportsmen and women, along with Cornish youngsters, who aspire to play their sport at the highest levels.

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  1. Martin Blakstad UNITED KINGDOM

    The history and passion for the game are fantastic in Cornwall and all rugby supporters would love to see a Cornish team playing at the highest level again. We at Wasps know what it is like not to have a supportive local Council and are having to find a new home again yet again as a result.

  2. trevor bucknall UNITED KINGDOM

    Just do it , and help to avoid another farcial end to a season.It’s unthinkable for a county the size of Cornwall not to have one.

  3. Sheena Ogilvy UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on Cornwall Council , wake up ! The long term benefits of this fantastic Stadium will not only bring benefits to the Sport/ Team and surrounding area. It will give young people here “Hope”.We must support anything to do with Sport in any County, Cornwall have a fantasic team & they deserve a great show case. The Stadium will surely be used for many things that “Locals WANT and willl use “. Immagine also how many people will visit , stay in accomodation, eat here , use the train. This is exactly the Boost Cornwall needs ! Lets get as many people on this petition site to support it !

  4. Graham Hoskins UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall needs a major stadium,not just for Rugby but also the income from other sports and concerts

  5. Belinda Sandey UNITED KINGDOM



    Good luck Cornwall, don’t get left behind…..hope you get the stadium you deserve!

  7. Rob Searle GERMANY

    What on earth is wrong with our councillors, we need a stadium in Cornwall for the Benoit of the whole county, as a member of the Falmouth Marine Band I’ve seen the support for our Cornish teams grow and grow year on year, so come on Cornwall Council lets have that Stadium.

  8. Rosie Stringer UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall has a huge need for a venue like this-a stadium would be an amazing asset.

  9. Jane Duncan UNITED KINGDOM

    Essential for Cornwall.

  10. Wendi Cant UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall needs this stadium, it would be a great asset to the county and lm sure Truro would thrive from it.

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