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Created February 13, 2015 by JP Lenk


The benefit of going to school later is that our brains function more rather than starting school at 8:30. The problems of going to school early is that,

• teenagers go to bed at later times
• brains don’t function properly early in the morning
• people get frustrated because of teachers and older adults having ago at as for being tired ect. We have researched the problems of stating school early
“many teens get too little sleep because they attend junior and secondary schools that start earlier than 8:30 a. M. , according to the aap. Those early start times throw off a student’s internal body rhythm, called the circadian clock. Too little sleep disrupts that clock and causes problems” https://student. Societyforscience. Org/article/early-school-starts-can-turn-teens-%e2%80%98zombies%e2%80%99
this proves that when teenagers don’t get enough sleep they turn into “zombies”,
this also gives teachers more time to prepare for their lessons that they have that day and get them self out aswell. According to research, having later times can decrease the amount of accidents which can occur. In fact, the accident rate is already declining in areas where schools have later start times, she notes. For instance, 16- to 18-year-old drivers in wyoming’s teton county school district were involved in 23 crashes during the 2011 to 2012 school year. The next year, the school shifted its start time to almost one hour later — and the number of crashes fell to seven. Wahlstrom led a three-year study of that school, and seven others, and released the findings in a february 2014 report. Other schools with later start times also saw a drop in accidents, she found.

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    I Like Sleep.

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