Start Taking Actions In Order To Stabilise The Situation In Ukraine, Instead Of Imposing Unfair Sanctions Against Russian Fedration.

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Created July 31, 2014 by Ilya Bychkov


The uk and a number of other goverments are blaiming russian federation for distabilising the situation in eastern ukraine. However, these govermrnts are not taking any actions to help the people who suffer through the war. The kiev govermrnt has used missiles, heavy artillery, mortars and other types of idf (indirect fire) in order to bring down the people who don’t agree with the rule of mr poroshenko’s goverment. However, they mainly kill the unarmed people including children, women and elderly. Some of the shells have crossed the border and hit the residential houses in russia, killing 5 people. I don’t think that this is appropriate tactic to follow by ukraine and the european goverments. I also believe that thi conflict can be solved by dialogue.

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