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Created March 9, 2012 by Max


Has your manufacturing business been hit by skills shortages?

Have you recently recruited for engineering posts only to encounter candidates lacking basic literacy and numeracy skills?

If the answer is yes then WM needs your help to lobby manufacturing minister Mark Prisk to start a parliamentary debate over skills concerns.

Sign up if you support our letter to mark (below) which follows the minister’s appearance at the wm leaders forum.

Dear Mark,
We were delighted to hear how keenly you value british manufacturing and our importance in driving economic growth at the WM Leaders Forum.

However, we remain deeply concerned that a dramatic shortfall in core skills could seriously threaten our ability to achieve this goal.

All of us, despite the hostile economic climate and rising unemployment afflicting the uk, are looking to recruit particularly at apprentice and junior level.  
We can offer hugely rewarding careers within our businesses but only to candidates who have the fundamental skills to meet the challenge. Such candidates remain in frustratingly short supply.  
We have serious concerns that the education system is producing too many youngsters who lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, who are inarticulate and display poor work ethic. It’s unfair and unsustainable to expect businesses like ours to carry the burden of bringing these candidates up to an acceptable standard.  
We call on you to table a parliamentary debate via an early day motion to discuss how industry and government can work together to remedy this toxic shortage in core skills.  


There are currently 25 signatures for this petition:

  1. Stuart Cairns UNITED KINGDOM

    As a business we are oversubscribed for apprentice positions, but for graduate and first line management positions there are very few worthy candidates. The boat seems to have left for a generation of engineers and technicians

  2. John Stephenson UNITED KINGDOM

    The whole country is starved of CNC operators. The USA have training centres which just focus on this core competence, most UK training has very scant resources.

  3. Phil Mather UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only is there a shortage of skills in the UK, shortly there will be a lack of suitably trained senior engineering technicians to train people for these tasks in the future. On joining the RN in 1977 HMS Fisgard trained about 600 apprentices per year. The Royal Dockyards had similar apprentice training schools, with tremendous skills available to be passed on to future Engineers. Not all of our engineering future can come from ‘University Degrees’ we need people with ‘skill of hand’ who have completed a full apprenticship. I have been involved with training many apprentices over the last 20 years and find that what colleges now provide is not always suitable for industrial demands. I have also employed people who have completed ‘fast track’ short apprenticships, which are only of use to the original company, unfortunately this short training restricts the person from being transferable or useful in the future. Maybe people see this as protection, in order to keep staff after investment, but for the good of future manufacturing in the UK, I feel we should be legislating for a full 4 year apprenticeship, allowing the candidate to become a usefull asset in any manufacturing facility in the future.

  4. David Stenhouse UNITED KINGDOM

    We have had major difficulties recruiting suitably qualified and experienced process and maintenance engineers

  5. Oliver Marsh UNITED KINGDOM

    goooooood points

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