Stop Any More Development In Rothley Leicestershire

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Created October 30, 2014 by geoff allen


We were a small rural village but there have been over 1000 houses built in and around us in the last few years with another 450 to be built very soon and now yet another developer wants to build another 200 again on arable land, all on greenfield sites.. We have a new school being built that is already full. We do not have a doctors surgery. We suffer with severe flooding now that so many fields have been replaced with concrete. The traffic jams in the village are increasing all the time. We simply do not have the infrastructure to sustain any more houses…. This government do not take any notice of any protests or objections they just give their permission regardless of how it is affecting our lives. It is not right….. It is time we all got together and lobbied this government
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  1. Claire Lewis GERMANY

    Absolutely agree! No more houses in Rothley, no more houses in Charnwood, and no more London policy makers steamrolling these unfair and undemocratic plans through!!

  2. Juliet Allen

    Rothley has had it’s fair share of new housing developments. The village is over developed as it is.

  3. Andy Worby UNITED KINGDOM

    In full agreement with the arguments placed.

  4. Colin Favell UNITED KINGDOM

    It would appear ourt local authorities are over ruled by central goverment and perhaps this may be the time to reflect on who should be in power over this matter.
    If we slowed down/stopped the immegration into our small country we would not need the vast amount of houses being planned.

  5. Karen Wigglesworth UNITED KINGDOM

    Rothley is a service centre to Leicester and a beautiful rural village with much wildlife such as bats, hedgehogs, green woodpeckers and much more. These animals all deserve to keep their home. Charnwood Council have to start and say ‘NO’ to further housing developments, life isn’t all about lining ones pockets !

  6. Andrea Connolly UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a rural, peaceful village, stop trying to change places, we don’t need more people, stop letting people into this country so easily if we haven’t got the space.

    There will be no green left, it’s upsetting.

  7. Stephen Newitt UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with what most people are saying about the increase of houses being built within the Rothley area , and that the government is not supporting the views of the villagers , what I do disagree with though , is why there was no similar support from the villagers , when they were going to develop houses on Mountsorrel Lane .

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