Stop My Agony Aunt From Leaving

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Created July 22, 2015 by Donna Fyfe


Chris is one in a million and is my agony aunt, that usually doesn’t listen to what i’m whingeing about but just lets me moan. Then tells me to go home for wine. Yipp chris i blame you for me being a wino. Chris is our bucket list champion and keeps us informed about all the eye candy at the gym, now come on ladies we all like to hear about the eye candy and who will we get that from, when he is gone. He is my partner in crime for winding up lesley ,its usually his ideas on what we do, and he pretends he is the angel. Nope chris we all know you too well now haha. Yehh i am happy you have another job, well no i’m not really
in al seriousness chris we will miss you, and you are getting super glued to the chair so you cant go, you will defo not be easy to replace.

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Steven ohare

    You’ll miss Jeremy Kyle!! And mam! Lol

  2. Steven O'Hare

    You’ll miss Jeremy Kyle and see you later mam! Lol

  3. Donna Fyfe

    chris is one ina million

  4. Lesley black UNITED KINGDOM

    He can’t go!!!! He’s one in a million

  5. Lisa Wardlaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Just jumping on the bandwagon

  6. Lesley black UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree totally!! X

  7. Nicola taylor UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Lisa Wardaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Jumping on the bandwagon x

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