Stop Samantha’s Children Being Taken From Their Loving Home

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Created May 20, 2014 by Shanette Hopkins

Youth Issues

Samantha woodburn is a loving, caring single mother of 7 beautiful children, those children belong at home with her where they are happy and contented
sign this petition to show the judge how much support sam and her children have in the hope they will make the right decision and leave her children in her care.

There are currently 47 signatures for this petition:

  1. Miss Amy Carey UNITED KINGDOM

    Sam is an amazing woman and mother to her children.
    She doesn’t deserve to have her children took off her and if you do, it would be selfish especially hurting such a wonderful woman who would do anything for her children.
    good luck Sam Xx

  2. andrew oates UNITED KINGDOM

    I have never met anyone who has had more adversety in life to face than samantha woodburn has had to face. i dont know anyone who would have coped at all, let alone as well as samantha has coped. she is the most loving mother i have ever met and this fact is reflected in the way her children regard her. to remove her children from her care would not only be wrong. It would be a tragedy. the effect it would have on her children would be devestating in their development as indeviduals and as a family. the children need to be in the safest, most beneficial care possible. They need to stay with their mum mmum

  3. Amy Herbert UNITED KINGDOM

    brilliant mum. Her kids adore her and shes one hell of a strong woman with no bad bone in her body. all the best, stay strong. Xx

  4. Kelli Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    Such a brilliant mum who’s gorgeous & extremely happy Kids are her life…who on earth would want to break this obviously loving family apart…no need whatsoever!!! Head up Sam & stay strong as you have done so far xxx

  5. Eddie Dickson

    Sama a great mum,

  6. John Crossland UNITED KINGDOM

    Dont waste my tax money bothering someone who only lives for her kids use it to protect kids who need it

  7. Beverley myers

    Sam is a mum who looks to me like she loves her family so very much and always tries to put them first.

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