Stop The Grand National Cruelty

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Created April 11, 2011 by Clare

Animal Welfare

Please sign this petition if you feel that The Grand National needs to be changed or banned altogether. Let's try and do something about the most gruelling and barbaric horse racing event in the calendar. If you don't know why you should sign this petition, please read this newspaper article and look at the pictures..

Thank you for your support.

There are currently 332 signatures for this petition:




    inhuman sport


    Time to call it a day with this stupid race. How many more horses are going to have to die before people realise the suffering it is causing.

  4. chris lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    should have been banned years ago the things people do for money they should be ashamed of themselves

  5. alfie scott UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Gary wallis UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Stella Houlihan UNITED KINGDOM

    We are all sentient beings!

  8. bruno russell UNITED KINGDOM

    agree! stop it!


    The grand national is beyond cruel. The amount of horses that die in the process is sickening.

  10. Wendy Miall UNITED KINGDOM

    I can never justify any animal cruelty. I hate this sport it’s all revolved around money no consideration for the horses welfare. It really upsets me.

  11. Emily Clegg

    Horses die on the race track all the time, sometimes if there in very bad condition they put a curtain around the horses and shoot them.
    Jockeys see horses as replaceable, if their horses pass away, to them it doesn’t matter because they’ll get another one.
    If someone sees, say for example someone whipping a dog the RSPCA or another animal investigator will give a punishment to the person, but for jockeys it perfectly fine to whip a horse to get it to go faster just for their happiness. To hurt an animal deliberately is illegal and whipping a horse can cause pain and suffering.
    Horses are often on drugs, some illegal and some are legal, horses should live a happy drug free life but they are given prohibited steroids and much more.
    Former race horses who have retired are sent to slaughter houses after spending years being pushed to do something which is dangerous for them, they get sent to be slaughtered when their not good enough anymore.
    Horses are made to race when their too young.
    Its all about money, there not bothered about the horses well being its all about earning the money they want.


    Time to see this race stopped and to change racing altogether for the sake of the horses.

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