Stop The Move Of All Major Vascular Services From Wirral To Chester

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Created August 5, 2012 by hospital


In an attempt to save money major vascular services are set to be relocated from arrowe park hospital, wirral to the countess of chester. The decision has been almost decided despite objection from the staff, surgeons and local councillors. The impact on the patients of wirral will be a delay for life saving major vascular surgery, as under the new proposals, a patient attending arrowe park hospital with a ruptured aortic aneurysm needing time critical hospital based treatment will be transferred by ambulance for a half an hour to chester. Currently arrowe park hospital perform 3 times more major vascular operations than chester, making their service the more experienced and skilled of the two. Arrowe park hospital is far more accessible than chester being just off the m53 motorway. We aim to pass this petition to the secretary of state to force the commission to stop the move. Please support us by signing our petition.

There are currently 6 signatures for this petition:

  1. hospital UNITED KINGDOM

    Anyone who has ever experienced a loved one being rushed to theatre for an emergency aneurysm repair will know, no good putting them in an ambulance for half an hour journey, may as well just put them in a body bag!

  2. Susan Mort UNITED KINGDOM

    Ridiculous idea to make Wirral patients travel for a service that is now on their doorstep! Don’t let them get away with it!

  3. Dave Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Think relatives of past patients should get on this! Should be left where it is!

  4. Elizabeth Kirby UNITED KINGDOM

    What about visiting these patients in Chester? More expense for cash strapped relatives. The vasular service like all the other services at Arrow Park is second to none. Leave this service where it is and where it belongs – on the Wirral!!

  5. robert mathieson UNITED KINGDOM

    ime a senior citizen i use public transport, and would find it hard to get to chester

  6. jean mathieson UNITED KINGDOM

    trust this stupid government ; another job for the boys

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