Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Ian Packer Bracknell UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Natalia Wase Bracknell UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop the madness!

  3. Alan Woods Aylesford UNITED KINGDOM

    As a regular forest user, I find it appalling to hear that DEFRA are even considering such a short sited, short lived revenue generating scheme at the detriment of future generations.

  4. Faye Love Banbury UNITED KINGDOM

    No comment, sorry. Still speechless.

  5. Mike Tennant London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. susan hesketh llanfairpwll UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Paul McBeth West Kilbride UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Ian Keith John Jones Hereford SPAIN

    In times when the planet is exposed to the effects of global warming, it is scandalous that our forests are to be sold off to private enterprise. Forests are also part of our shared heritage and I believe the government has no right to sell them off just to pay off the so-called deficit, which I believe is greatly exaggerated, so the government can justify itself in adopting such measures.

  9. Tom Poynton Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Luke Snowdon Cinderford

    Don't privatise the woods, once sold we'll never get them back!

  11. David Howard Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    The future use of any forest disposed of must be strictly controlled to ensure environmental and amenity value is maintained. Short-termism again – we've turned the clock back again haven't we?

  12. Barry Keeys Uckfield UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Karl Robinson Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  14. John Cooper Wakefield
  15. Thomas Willis Mossley UNITED KINGDOM
  16. marie Gornell Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    As if the cuts are not bad enough, but to take away beautiful land our last sanctuary and cut down ancient trees is an absolute crime against the universe and humanity. No way.

  17. Colin James Parkin New Ash Green UNITED KINGDOM

    I petition the government not to take any action which will lead to a reduction in existing foresty.
    Many UK citizens find the proposal to sell off forestry potentially leading to its destruction appalling. We petition the government not to change the use of these land areas. They are wonderful natural habits and promote a feeling of well-being as well as being essential to the planetary ecosystem. We should be planting more forests not destroying them. Non-indigenous forests are equally important.

  18. Joanna Southcote Aston Bristol ITALY
  19. Tom Herbert Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Gregory Norminton Edinburgh

    The Forestry Commission has had its faults in the past: blankets of non-native trees. But it is now our best custodian of Britain's (already inadequate) woodland cover. To sell it off would be deeply foolish.

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