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Created March 23, 2014 by Allan Rogers


Greater user support of all uk regional airlines/airports, specifically manston international in kent. This airport has very good transport links, rail, road with good facilities for all. If you want to travel to other areas, towns, cities in the uk, air flights are the best, no “wrong snow on the line” , breakdowns, late arrivals, cancelled trains & cost can be very competitive. Flybe being one example, but it needs to off flights to & from all uk regional airports. If i want to go to edinburgh from kent, i can go via amsterdam, no i don’t think so. I am convinced, an airline, big or small could offer flights, to & from exeter, newquay, bristol, southampton, gatwick, cardiff, birmingham, newcastle, nottingham, belfast, dublin, glasgow, edinburgh, leeds, including manston in kent, which could provide a link to the dover ferries, ramsgate & channel tunnel. Fly into manston & in less than hour you could boarding your ferry or train to france , belgium & further afield. Manston along with all regional airports across the uk, can provide very quick links to each other, for business, holidays, visiting friends & family trips, from the south east, rather than suffer the uncertainty of motorway or train travel which in many cases is very poor & tiring. Please use our uk flights system, because it is better & the airlines will provide the services we need, but only if we demand them & use them. Thank you for reading this petition, please email to everyone on your address book.

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