Thomas Cook Should Give Their £3.5 To The Shepherd Family

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Created May 17, 2015 by Pat Jolly


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    Pay the Shepherd family the £3.5 million you got. They lost two children, you lost nothing.

  2. Tony Smith

    2 Hill View Road.
    Long field.
    DA3 7NB

  3. Jeremy Lewis

    This is a no-brainer. Why is this petition not on a more recognised medium like chanes or 38 Degrees or something ?

  4. Eileen Lowe UNITED KINGDOM

    If not the family then a children’s charity

  5. Susan furness

    Took the lives of 2 beautiful children and get rewarded for doing so.. It’s sick!

  6. Fran Bullard UNITED KINGDOM

    Give a substantial amount to the parents and the rest to charity. No amount of money can replace children.

  7. Carol deary UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it’s a disgrace that big companies are so flippant and callous when clearly they only need common sense to care about people that they make their money from

  8. Shirley Carney UNITED KINGDOM

    A family have been destroyed,, Thomas Cook should be ashamed. True, money cannot make up for the loss but why should you sit fat and happy while they mourn.

  9. Alan Tatham

    i think Thomas Cook have acted disgustingly and should be boycotted against
    They had a duty of care to there customers and failed they should have been sued as well as hotel

  10. Dawn Pidgeon UNITED KINGDOM

    there isn’t enough money to ease the grief of these parents. But it’s immoral to give it to Thomas Cook….Dawn. X

  11. Dawn pidgeon UNITED KINGDOM

    The parents should have this money, it’s immoral to give it to Thomas Cook…

  12. L elliott UNITED KINGDOM

    No reason just the right thing to do

  13. rooney hill UNITED KINGDOM

    pay the shepherd family the £3.5 million they lost there two beautiful lost nothing.

  14. Mal Meekings UNITED KINGDOM

    The family should get it,

  15. valerie kingston UNITED KINGDOM

    Really can’t understand the justification of Thomas Cooke receiving any monet at all, what have they lost???

  16. Lesley Devlin UNITED KINGDOM

    its a disgrace Thomas Cook have not apologised never mind receiving all that money without passing it over to the devastated parents. They should be ashamed.

  17. George Davidge UNITED KINGDOM

    How can they PROFIT out of Children’s death.

  18. Lynda shepherd

    Absolutely disgusting that such a large company should get this while the poor parents get peanuts, people add your signature

  19. Shirley Palmer UNITED KINGDOM

    A family has been torn,, money cannot replace their loss but its better in there bank rather than in your fat bank balance.

  20. Trevor Mcilveen

    TC you have no shame.
    I have to wonder what if any, TC top management visit hotels to do healthy & safety checks before signing contracts

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