To petition the government to allow all babies born before twenty four weeks gestation the legal right to be classed as still born

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Created March 11, 2011 by Lorraine


As the law stands now any baby born not alive before 24 weeks gestation is not legally classed as still born. This is due to the health professionals deeming babies born before 24 weeks as not feasible for life. Well I say your reason is flawed and unjust.

Sadly there is NO feasibility of life in ANY dead baby whether they are born at 18,23 or 39 weeks gestation. They are all born not alive and to call babies before 24 weeks as a late miscarriage when the mother has gone through labour and given birth the same as a mother of a 24+ week baby is cruel and unfair.

So I and the undersigned urge the government to change this flawed unjust law and allow ALL babies where the mother has gone through labour and given birth and has NOT chosen to terminate the pregnancy. The legal right as a human being to have their babies recognised by law as a still birth.

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