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Created November 4, 2010 by Gary


This petition is against the application approval by Kent County Council for SBS Recycling Ltd to develop a Materials Recycling Facility and Transfer Station for Waste Recovery. Its location will be on Straw Mill Hill in Tovil, Maidstone, Kent.

There are currently 335 signatures for this petition:

  1. Sarah Brooks Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    Straw Mill Hill in Tovil is a very tiny road and totally unsuitable for traffic of this sort. In fact, it is difficult at the best of times for 'normal' cars to travel up and down it, the recent bad weather has more than demonstrated that.

  2. Susan Collins Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    Maidstone Borough Council are fully aware this area is now heavily residential and has been for years. They should have amended this area from Industrial to Residential years ago when Tovil Mills were replaced with housing estates. Due to their convenient lack of attention to detail they were able to override a very good case and reasoning pointing out the total idiocy of the siting of this Recycling Plant. At the very least they owe it to all local residents to revisit this decision and overturn it.

  3. tom moore maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    Volume of traffic on a minor road causing noise and pollution and making exiting Cave Hill a nightmare.

  5. Anna Howell Tovil UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Lucy Howell Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Paul Catling Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM
  8. jane strand Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    good idea BUT NOT ON OUR DOOR STEP !!!!!! How about on a industrial estate purpose built for this sort of industry !!! without having to drive tipper trucks through the town & residential streets.

  9. andy shoebridge chatham UNITED KINGDOM

    dear sirs what has not been said 9 lgvs an hour in and out. what the local residents dont know/ dust from the site muddy roads noise from crushing alone over 180 db's viberation from the crusher the land is soft the shock wave will trave some distance what adout the noise from the screening plant over the sound of the crusher at 190/200 db's wile the site is in full operation the noise will be heard as far a way as coxheath what about the school's close by and other industry . ive been doing this type of work for over 40 yrs !!

  10. Linda Kennedy Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    Over recent years more houses have been built in Tovil making it a good residential area.I believe because of the amount of traffic and noise involved this should not be approved.

  11. jon shannon maidstone UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Chrissie Yerlikaya TOVIL UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Luke Emmerton UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely ridiculous plan for waste site. De-value homes, seriously effect long standing residents way of life. SERIOUSLY OBJECT!

  14. Steven Preen UNITED KINGDOM

    This will make peoples lives a living nightmare who live in Tovil. Absolutely object to this happening.

  15. Emily tomkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Unsuitable area for such large vehicles

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