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Created June 20, 2010 by Laura


The two ponds in Upton Park, Wirral have become so unclean that the water in one of them is brown, and full of an oily substance. The other pond has become so overgrown that there are only two small patches of visible water. Pond weed has grown over the surface of the water, and now covers a large part of it. If it carries on like this, and nothing is done to clean up the ponds, we could lose two potentially great picnic/wildlife spots. If something were done to clean the ponds, it would be a great place for children to feed ducks, and have picnics by, and would attract wildlife. Right now though, they are not very nice places, they smell, and the water is polluted and in parts stagnant. Sign the petition to get these two ponds cleaned up.

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  1. Laura McClelland Moreton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Emma Davies Wirral UNITED KINGDOM

    I've been there myself and have to say that it's disgusting to see the state these ponds are in.

  3. ben kember UNITED KINGDOM
  4. beverley tait wirral UNITED KINGDOM

    myself and a few of the dog walkers from upton park had a meeting with parks and leisure sept 2010 Roger Kalvert from parks and leisure told us both ponds had been visited by students from john moores university and they had cleaned them both but maybe they need doing again they are lovely to visit at any time of the year and myself and a few other park users are trying to set up a ulton park association cos we would be able to apply for grants to clean up and make park more enjoyable
    regards Bev.

  5. tina campbell Carlisle UNITED KINGDOM

    I regularly visit Upton Park and would love to see the ponds restored to their former gliry

  6. Julie Shaw Moreton UNITED KINGDOM
  7. michelle richards moreton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jean Dutton Moreton

    A good clean-up of both ponds is long overdue. I can only recall the pond near the woods being cleaned twice since I have lived close to Upton Park (exceeding 20 years). Once by Liverpool University, and on the second occasion by members of the public. Sadly their efforts were in vain as the pond is now full of rubbish, metal, glass bottles, etc. etc. There used to be lovely plants on and around the pond including water lilies, just beautiful. Sadly they are no longer there due to the pollution caused by all of the rubbish which has been deposited in the pond by mindless folk who don't give a damn for the environment.
    The other pond adjacent to the football pitches was, in my opinion, totally spoilt by the Council when they enlarged it. They decimated the trees around the pond and removed most of the plants, without any thought for the wildlife, thus depriving the birds of any cover and privacy for nesting. I appreciate that it was in a mess before the work was done but I feel that the work undertaken by the Council went a step too far.
    I would like to suggest that the Council should be contacted with a view to arranging for the Community Payback Scheme to clear the ponds in the near future.
    Unfortunately, at present the Park is being sadly neglected by the Council. I know that money is tight, but surely if the park was better maintained then local residents and visitor would perhaps be more inclined to keep it tidy. We are very lucky to have what could be a lovely green space on our doorstep and we want to keep it.
    Please support this petition to restore Upton Park to its former glory. Thank you.
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