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Created November 15, 2009 by Nathan


I believe that there should be an updated remake of the 1978 animated film 'Watership Down', which itself is based on the 1972 novel by Richard Adams. The story is set in the British countryside and about a group of rabbits who leave their home warren due to one of them having a vision of the warren's impending doom by real-estate developers. They set out to find a new warren to live in: upon finding one (after many perils on their journey), they're faced with the prospect of how their warren will develop due to there being no females in the group. For this, they decide to infiltrate and steal females from another warren: this being dangerous due to the warren being incredibly strict and led by a ruthless dictator-like rabbit.
The reason that this film should be remade is because of the nostalgic value it would hold for fans of the original novel, and also because it is a generally original idea for a film company to take interest in.
The remake could be updated and presented in a format suited to photorealistic CGI, or even live action animals with slight digital enhancements. Also ,by staying more truthful to the source material and not 'watering down' any of the dark elements of the novel, this could make the film longer and more suitable for a teenage audience (in the U.K, the rating could mainly be a 12A).
Judging from what has been said online, there are also several other people who wish for there to be a 'Watership Down' remake. So if you love the novel and wish for a remake, please sign!!!

There are currently 6 signatures for this petition:

  1. Nathan Rimmer Higher Bebington UNITED KINGDOM

    everyone in the U.K, please start signing if you love this book/film and wish for there to be an updated remake

  2. Mark Knights Aldershot UNITED KINGDOM
  3. MrG O\'Donohue UNITED KINGDOM

    CGI Watership Down is a must, its the only way to truely show the colour and light in the scenery and emotion of the characters with that magical CGI look & feel, John Williams is a must for the score also!

  4. Evie Dillon-Riley UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Mark Wooldridge UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Danyel J. Roberts

    Do it! And don’t cut out the violence,either, it’s what made me the man I am today.

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