Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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    this government will allow the sale of anything as long as it sold to foreigners.

  2. Andrew Young UNITED KINGDOM

    British weather being told by British people , anything less would be another nail in the coffin for this country . We can’t afford to lose our heritage any more.

  3. Rhys bland UNITED KINGDOM

    keep the profits in the countries

  4. Abby Bland UNITED KINGDOM

    the met office needs to stay as I think Britain should stay British and stop selling these company’s off to foreign companies. I think this is an outrage.

  5. Sarah Reading UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Nicola kilraine

    It’s an important part of our national cultural heritage.

  7. Clive Yeo

    This service should be kept British. It is the finest forecasting service in the world and any forecast by companies outside these shores would be inferior.

  8. pam wheeler

    Keep people in the Uk employed. The Met Office has provided good serviceover the years.

  9. trsmart UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep it British

  10. Keith Courtier UNITED KINGDOM

    Only British met office can predict our weather with confidence Our local reports on Spotlight South West are 85 % accurate

  11. Anne Triggol UNITED KINGDOM

    To keep weather contract British

  12. Colin triggol UNITED KINGDOM

    to maintain British contract and maintain reliable local forecasts

  13. Susan Perry UNITED KINGDOM


  14. A.Julien Dixon UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met. Office have all the equipment and expertise. The BBC are just trying to get Weather on the cheap!

  15. Keith Howdle UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office is a proven and trusted national institution whose value outstrips merely financial considerations.

  16. G.W.Thomas

    proven track record.

    a better deal is surely negotiable between the BBC and the Met. Office!

  17. Vivienne Wass UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office understand the very changeable British weather and I don`t think
    weather providers from other countries would be in tune with this. I also believe in using British businesses. What a stupid idea from the BBC to change this.

  18. John Steer UNITED KINGDOM

    I rely on BBC weather forecasts and want the present quality of service to be maintained

  19. T.Luscombe UNITED KINGDOM

    You only have to look at ITV,Sky or Channel5 weather forecasts to see what we might get to replace the Metoffice forecasts.There is no service in the world to rival BBC weather.

  20. John Steer UNITED KINGDOM

    The present BBC weather forecasts are first rate and I would not like to see them replaced with an inferior service

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