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Created September 9, 2010 by James


South Oxfordshire District Council have all but decided to build over 2000 houses to the northeast of the Ladygrove Estate, Didcot (SITE A on the map) with limited public consultation. This development spreads most of the way up Abingdon Road (the Didcot Straight) and is in Long Wittenham Parish. The parishes to the north of Didcot have joined forces to recreate the highly successful West is Best campaign that many of you will remember.

There are currently 235 signatures for this petition:

  1. Russell Howlett Didcot UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Rebecca Stratton Long Wittenham UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Jason Spencer-Buckel Didcot UNITED KINGDOM

    enough is enough, didcot should not be expected to take the bulk of oxfordshire's housing needs! each parish should recieve a sustainable quota of homes.

  4. Vikki Forrester Didcot UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Helen Baillie North Moreton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is expansion will mean more traffic racing through villages, turning them into rat runs – nasty – and potentially lethal especially when the local children are going in and out of the primary schools.

  6. Sue Kennedy Didcot UNITED KINGDOM

    There is already too much traffic trying to get out of Didcot. Has no one realised that there are only two bridges across the Thames, ie Clifton Hamdon & Culham, which are already bottlenecks.

  7. Jan Rogers Didcot UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Northeast expansion of Didcot

  8. Franciska Kiss Didcot UNITED STATES
  9. Pawel Bodnar Didcot UNITED STATES
  10. Fanny Gutjahr Long Wittenham UNITED KINGDOM

    If ever such a huge amount of new houses should be build at once in an area first of all, it has to be made sure that the infrastructural facilities will be able to answer the rising demand. As we already have gridlocked village roads and bridges, it is evident that before thinking about building new houses infrastructure has to be ameliorated.

  11. Conner McCaffery Long wittenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Long wittenham is the safest and nicest place ive ever lived, and i dont want it being rude by the ladygrove expansion

  12. Kirsty French Didcot UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Gerald Ponting UNITED KINGDOM

    Didcot has always been large enough any larger and it’s soul will be come vapid. To infringe Long Wittenham or to make the village larger will destroy the character and essence thus leaving the area bereft of a beautiful place to live.

  14. Vicky Johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    Because it’s too large and will put too much pressure on the surrounding villages and roads.

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