Better Alternative Extreme Sports in Altrincham

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Created February 5, 2009 by Nick


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There are currently 40 signatures for this petition:

  1. Nick Foden Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Sean Doyle stockport UNITED KINGDOM

    we have no where to ride any more so this woud be amazing

  3. this wont work get a life hahahahahahahahahaha UNITED KINGDOM

    why are you even bothering?

  4. stephen runnett bowdon UNITED KINGDOM

    it is a very good idea and i am a bmxer and have been doing it for many years now iam also 31 and here has been a lack of facillities for bmxers for a no of years

  5. leon applegate brandon UNITED KINGDOM

    please help these people out extreme sports are an exellent outdoor activity for young people that keeps them healthy and fit and off the streets and out of trouble

  6. Mike Nugent Stockport UNITED KINGDOM

    Everywhere needs more stuff like this, hopefully Altrincham will just be the start

  7. Richard Erdursun Altrincham UNITED STATES

    Distinct lack of activities in the area for young people therefore increasing crime and drug use

  8. Benjamin Wilson Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    I think its about time that the council did something usefull!

  9. Thomas West Wilmslow UNITED KINGDOM
  10. sam horne altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Andy O'Hara Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. sam street northwich UNITED KINGDOM

    sounds a good idea to put more parks in

  13. Mark Arland Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Samantha Thomas Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. chris flynn altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    more bike jumps seriously needed!!!

  16. david clark altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Jan Alexander John Harmens Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Robert How Didsbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Skateboarding is not a crime

  19. Robert Pollen altricham UNITED KINGDOM

    the kids around the area have very little to do… and when a few find somethink harm less like building jumps. the council come along stop them its a heathy out let of teenagers and take them away from hanging round on the street… the council should be encourging and suporting the kids to help keep them out of trouble

  20. mike kennedy altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    there is nothing for people to do other than walk around the park/ street corners cause a misschief abuze alcahol maybe venture into the world of drugs. creating these facilities make sence!!

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