Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Keith Livingstone ITALY

    Could not agree more! Bring back the original chocolates!

  2. L Saunders UNITED KINGDOM

    The new Black Magics are just pure crap. Thanks for spoiling Christmas Nestle

  3. jan conrad donarski rotherham UNITED KINGDOM

    Not one of my family will be buying Black Magic Chocolates until the old selection is brought back.


    I fully agree why fix something that isn't broken. Very disappointed mine will be going into the bin.I won't be buying them again until Nestle see sense and return our great original box of chocs.

  5. Henry Goldstein LONDON UNITED KINGDOM

    Nestle's website says that Black Magic is 'a brand that wants to be re-discovered' (whatever that may mean). My wife and looked forward to the taste, texture and selection of Black Magic year after year. The new 'discovery' is not it. If the information on the box were readable, and/or if the box contained what you went to the shop for, it would be a different story. But when one thinks one is buying chicken soup one doesn't expect the tin to contain smoked pheasant.


    I'm horrified! While I was attempting to eat some of them (several of which were vile and the rest of which were simply tasteless) I kept thinking of the mouthwatering lemon and orange creams…and the soft caramel…and the…well, ALL of them. The original Black Magic were the only chocolate collection which were all so equally gorgeous that I loved every one of them. And now they are all equally horrible. I have thrown them away. Yuck!\r\n\r\n

  7. Marion Simmonds Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    Appalling change of brand. Nothing on the box indicates the contents were not the same. My favorite chocolates for the last 40+ years gone. Who thought of this? Lets have a name.So we can write to them personally.

  8. P Habergham Halifax UNITED KINGDOM

    Oh what have you done to Black Magic,\r\nWho decided to change them so much,\r\nThe box is ok I suppose \r\nBut the chocolates I?d describe as yuk.\r\n\r\nOh what have you done to Black Magic,\r\nThe box was left under the tree,\r\nThen Christmas day came so sudden \r\nAnd I opened the box with such glee.\r\n\r\nOh what have you done to Black Magic, \r\nWhere are my favourite treats,\r\nNo soft centres abound for my palate\r\nJust square blocks like ugly concrete.\r\n\r\nOh what have you done to Black Magic,\r\nWhy fix something that is not broke,\r\nWhat do I do for my favourites,\r\nCos on concrete I?m sure I shall Choke.\r\n\r\n

  9. Beverley Minett UNITED KINGDOM

    Utterly awful

  10. James Tan London UNITED STATES

    I was very dissappointed with these new chocolates – in fact I thought that I had bought the wrong product.

  11. pete wardle manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    opening the box to find the new selection was VERY disappointing… ought to send it back under the trade descriptions act.

  12. B M Dearing Horsham UNITED KINGDOM
  13. P G Dearing Horsham UNITED KINGDOM

    Will never buy Black Magic again – unless Nestle bring back the original!!

  14. Cynthia Scott Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the magic!!

  15. Paul Macnamara Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM

    The new Black Magic choolates are absoloutley revolting. Bought 2 boxes of them for Xmas and I am just amazed at how VILE these chocolates are.Whoever changed these should be fired and the company should be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act for trying to pass this crap off as chocolate.

  16. Eileen Pendlebury Bury UNITED KINGDOM

    Complete disappointment. No wonder they were on special offer at Asda.\r\nGave some to my daughter on Christmas day. She brought them back hardly touched 3 days later in the hope that I would have enjoyed them more.\r\nNever been unable to choose a chocolate without first finding my reading glasses.\r\nWill never buy again

  17. Flo Walker-Knox Germantown, Maryland, USA UNITED STATES

    I was so looking forward to digging into my dark chocolate toffees and nuts. You can only imagine my disasppointment to find "truffles." Yuck. Can I get my money ack?

  18. Millar and Linda Cassels Renfrew UNITED KINGDOM

    Ditch the imposters
    Bring back the original goodies.

  19. Heather Reed Glastonbury UNITED KINGDOM

    How can i complain properly with only 256 characters to do it on the website? I don't have much money, didn't know about the change, and have thrown the whole box in the bin!

  20. Judy Stevens Hailsham UNITED KINGDOM

    I was horrified when I opened the box of Black Magiv given to me by my husband for my birthday in November. The new chocolates are quite disgusting!! Bring back the \"old\" centres, including the liquid cherry and toffee and mallow!!

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