Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


And all because the lady loves….MILK TRAY?? Hell no!! they made a mistake!The lady actually loves…
BLACK MAGIC CHOCOLATES!! Created roundabout 1933 by the company Rowntree that then became incorporated within Nestlè, this proud box of dark chocolates has steadily become a national British Institution and, with a fantastic range of fillings, is undoubtedly one of our most popular boxed chocolates of all time especially during the Christmas season so what does some bright spark decide to do in Autumn 2007?Repackage the exterior and the interior creating a complete & utter disaster of cold, insipid chunky packaging coupled with indifferent and more insipid-flavoured chocolates inside! The only good idea was to reduce the actual amount of chocolates seen as they taste horrid!Are we being cheated here??Were the spending public even minimally consulted about it?? I bet they were not…
Why tamper with something that so obviously did not need changing??? Why do some companies feel that EVERYTHING needs updating? Well, I have got news for you…NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! Sometimes it would be so much more commendable of them to actually dig their heels in and recognise when something does not need a makeover.
That it is actually fine the way it is, regardless of the passing years! This will be the first Christmas that thousands, nay millions, including me, will have to do without the habitual box of chocolates as NOTHING comes close to the original Black Magic! What do Nestlè say?…that they have spent a fortune developing the new chocs bla bla BLAH!…well we say…what a shame all that money was wasted then! Come on, the experiment is a TOTAL failure..I have read stories of people throwing them away after tasting regardless of whether given as a present or not! Who ever heard of anyone throwing chocolates away? Proof that this time Nestlè have got it seriously wrong…Let us hope this petition makes them open their eyes, fire the idiot who created / okayed the new version and convinces Nestlè to get back on track ASAP! New does not always mean better.

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