Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Elizabeth Jones Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    Most disappointed in quality and selection of current Black Magic chocolates. No Strawberry, no Cherry, no whole Almond, what a disappointment

  2. Chris Galloway Buxton

    Never understand why companies do this, change a brand name and quality. I would happily pay more for a quality product as Black Magic used to be?

  3. Jodie Stokes Hinckley UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree that the chocolates on the shelves at the moment are a total waste of perfectly good time and money. Bring back the original chocolates!

  4. Steve & Heather Wright Magherafelt UNITED KINGDOM

    Remembering the days of my childhood when my uncle bought my aunt a box of Black Magic for Christmas. As a special treat I was allowed to peruse the exciting selection which lay in front of me and savour the fabulous chocolate with the exquisive interiors. What a huge dissappointment when I bought a large box of Black Magic for my husband's Xams stocking. Six selections, three soapy fondant flaovours of fudge, raspberry and orange. Two nut chocolates that were just about palatable and a carmel runny yuck. What more can I say than Nestle you have let Rowntree down big time

  5. Christina Clarke Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM

    Iwould also add:Dairy Box, which have also been ruined.

  6. Clive Eardley Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM

    The inability to demonstrate imagination and a creative approach seems to be a thing of the past if today's Black Magic selection is anything to go by.

  7. Francis Wilson Wigan UNITED KINGDOM

    They have also ruined KitKat by replacing the original Rowntree chocolate with some disgusting euro concoction

  8. Pamela Holmes Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    I've loved Black Magic chocolates since I was a little girl – my Fathrr bought them for me every Christmas right up to his death in 1985.

    My favourite was Liquid Cherry, closely followed by Montelimar.

    Why are these 2 not included in the new box.

    Please bring back ALL the original Black Magic chocolates & revert to the original dark chocolate recipe!

  9. Helen Marshall Huddersfield

    I do agree the old Black Magic had the best choices. Why do they have to change things let's have turkish delight and orange creams back.

  10. liz little UNITED KINGDOM

    I loved the old Black Magic chocolates. The new ones have a very limited range and I don’t care for the flavours. It’s a pity.

  11. Janet Mannion UNITED KINGDOM

    What have they done they have destroyed a unique product enjoyed for years. The product they have replaced it with is a cheap nasty chocolate and centres you can get anywhere. Where is the bournville chocolate the toffee and Mallow . the original coffee cream and oh that nougat one They have ruined it and I for one will never buy them again.



  13. Sandra Gaspardone CANADA

    What’s the name of the song? “Whatever happened to Christmas” ???
    Well what ever happened to those wonderful Black Magic chocolates………….the nougat, the turkish delight, the marachino cherries and all the other good TASTY chocolates that they used to produce.
    I agree, get rid of the super incipid creams that some “wiser that us the buyers” don’t want………….if I want cheap junk I can find much cheaper stuff out there.

  14. Sus Gough UNITED KINGDOM

    What a crock of s***, my husband – bless him – bought me a big box for Christmas and he said when he opened them up – where are all the other flavours?? there are only 6 types. So sorry Nestle you have lost the buying power of a chocoholic, I am looking for another brand with a few more choices – can we still get Terry’s Spartan – mmm they were delicious

  15. Alexei Blue

    My favourite was coffee cream, I was very disappointed when I recently openned a box to find only a choice of 6 chocolates

  16. dorothy UNITED KINGDOM

    What a disappointment opened my first box of Black Magic for the first time after a few years to find 6! yes 6! flavours where on earth are the other flavours? and the chocolate a shadow of its former self. I will not be buying or eating Black Magic again it has lost its magic . Rowntrees should be spinning. SHAME on Nestle.

  17. Jennyren UNITED KINGDOM

    I couldn’t believe what I found when I opened my box of Black Magic – rubbish chocolates. I told my daughter how wonderful they were and how I hadn’t had a box for several years and how much I would love some for Christmas but what a disappointment, nothing like they used to be and only six choices and non of them nice all all!

  18. Gill Parry UNITED KINGDOM

    I thought they were rubbish and a very poor selection

  19. eva kamieniecka-schiele UNITED KINGDOM

    Just opened a box of Black Magic….I wanted to cry, this is very sad, the 60′s 70′s 80′s boxes is what I was raised on……this is not actually edible, chocolates seem plastic, not soft and creamy as I remember them.

  20. carolyn tate UNITED KINGDOM

    Black Magic is not what is was – what happened to the butterscotch and others now missing. I will not buy them again, they used to be my favourite.

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