Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. wendy taylor london UNITED KINGDOM

    The new (old) version brought back it really good – but where are the coffee creams!!!

  2. Sharon Wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    For years as a little girl I would pinch my mum\'s ORIGINAL black magic.

    Now I\'m a grown up this simple plesaure I can no longer enjoy with my own box because Nestle have decided to make in its place very expenses Neopolitans and not even as nice as the originals of them either!!

    Nestle give pleasure back to thousands of women (and little girls) and bring back the original black magic box nothing else will do

  3. Sheila Oates Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    I have just tried a sample pack of the New Black Magic on sale for Christmas 2009 and while the soft centres are back, there were half dark chocolate and a paler looking chocolate that I thought were MILK chocolate. Black Magic chocolates are supposed to be all DARK CHOCOLATES with soft centres and nuts.
    What a disappiontment (but not as bad as the other insipid square blocks we had last year). I will now have to share my Black Magic with my husband as I don\'t like Milk Chocolate.

  4. Sandra Collinge Dumfries UNITED KINGDOM

    I buy my mother Black magics every year for Christmas and she adores them. She does not like the new chocolates. Please bring back the old ones.

  5. Jim Bilsborrow Leduc CANADA

    You might even want to go back to the original box with the red tassel. These chocolates have been a tradition in our family for over 50 years.

  6. samantha el kandoussi middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    bring the old back they were much better especially the coffee . pls pls pls pls i beg you

  7. Natasha Imison portsmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    i loved the original black magic if i had a box no one else would get a look in. when i got given a box of the new ones i couldnt give them away because no one liked them

  8. James Sperring UNITED KINGDOM
  9. L Moriarty Abbeyfeale Ireland IRELAND

    Wrote to complain and send back a box unopened after xmas 07 but got no joy, blah blah about research and what the public wanted

  10. valerie urry newton abbot UNITED KINGDOM

    im old enough to remember how good Black Magic chocolates are and wish I could still find them as they seem to be unobtainable – I would really like some ..

  11. Melanie Scott Melksham UNITED KINGDOM

    What happened to the old Black Magic chocolates? Bring them back. They have always been my favourites, especially the orange,strawberry and coffee creams. They are all hard centres now and difficult to work out what flavour they are.I never guessed that new packaging would mean new chocolates, what a disappointment.
    Everyone knew if they were buying me chocolates, only Black Magic would do, but not anymore, I have told family and friends not to buy them.
    Come on Nestles, what are you playing at? I am so pleased to see that so many people feel the same. I look forward to seeing the old chocolates back on the shelves soon.

  12. andrew mcneil brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the original chocolates and stop playing around with peoples memories of black magic

  13. Ray Farley UNITED KINGDOM

    I entirely agree, it was a nasty surprise when I opened a box!

  14. Barbara Dawson Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM


  15. Samantha Allen Rotherham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. I P Cooke Crayford UNITED KINGDOM

    I have just finished off the small box of black magic that you have bought back with just the six fillings and thought no chocolate could be better than this so i am praying that by christmas you will bring back all the original ones and that would be my christmas present from you. Christmas is not the same without my BLACK MAGIC x

  17. karen vincent bungay UNITED KINGDOM

    They have always been my fav now they are ruined i wont by them again.

  18. Kathryn Shewring Queensland Australia AUSTRALIA

    Black Magic chocolates are a part of my childhood. My mum loved them and so do I. Just not available here. Very sad


    I totally agree. My husband has just given me box of B/M. What an utter disappointment. Won\'t be buying those again ever unless they go back to the originals.

  20. a b cleveland uk UNITED KINGDOM

    I have bought a box of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'new\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'/old Black magic, they are much better than the horrible square truffle things, I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t see any milk chocs in there though, not sure what the lady above means? It is a shame they didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t include more flavours though.

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