Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. philip kirk kirkby-in-ashfield BULGARIA

    Recently bought blackmagic and discovered NOT BLACK chocolate at all!!! Was VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!!\\r\\nDEC 2009 what\\\\\\\'s happening?

  2. Geoff Harrop Stratford-on-Avon UNITED KINGDOM

    Given Classic Favourites for Xmas. Ugh! Sickly sweet – even the fox which eats most stuff put out in the garden cannot stomach them.

  3. Wendy Bell Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    I hate the new Black Magic what happened to coffee, toffee and mallow, hazelnut cluster and the rest.Bring back the original Black Magic.

  4. Michael Plumb Thetford UNITED STATES

    I agree… and absolute disaster. Both my wife and I refuse to even buy them, let alone eat them. Bring back REAL Blacl Magin now!

  5. Jane Brown Redditch UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Susan Hammond Redditch UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back Black Majic chocolates, please !!

  7. anne fox columbus ga usa UNITED STATES

    I miss the originals so much! Used to get friends (or acquaintances) to supply me!

  8. Anne Hume Halifax UNITED KINGDOM

    I am so pleased that the original Black Magic selection are back they have always been my favourite. I didn\\\\\\\'t realize you had brought them back but now I do that\\\\\\\'s what I\\\\\\\'ll be buying – well done and thank you for listening to your customers.

  9. Johnny Kopacz CANADA

    born in england, then to austria..Canada since 1967…BLACK MAGIC was the chocolate to buy for all occasions. I have not seen it in canada for many years, no other chocolate can compare. MOMS favorite and mine to…BUT it has to be original..dark choco(thats healthy anyhow)old recipe strawberry, orange..i used to get **** for sneeking out of the second layer hahahah. bring em back and bring em to Canada…please. My mom is 80 and we still long for black magic originals.

  10. Gill Way Leamington Spa UNITED KINGDOM

    Haven\'t had Black Magic for ages – they are disgusting now!

  11. annemarie macdonald ipswich UNITED KINGDOM

    they are only chocs i like every one even the toffees which i usually hate cant find any chocs with coffee creams or decent soft runny centers last yrs black magic were nasty this yrs slightly beter but not enough i want all my favs back!!!!! i would treat myself and my mum who also loves them to the biggest box avalible if they came back

  12. Jean Thake Biggleswade UNITED KINGDOM

    Not there yet as all the old ones are not back yet ??

  13. Barbara Hinchey Sittingbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    I have just opened a box of\\r\\nmy favourite choclates \\\\\\\"black magic\\\\\\\" which I have not had for about 2 years, they were disgusting and will not eat any more…..I am gutted.\\r\\nwhats happend to my favourite chocs?\\r\\nBRING BACK ORIGINAL PLEASE

  14. margaret atkinson chester le street UNITED KINGDOM

    i still think that the new assortment is not as good as the original, where is the choc with the three hazelnuts in and the toffee mallow and the choc brazil nut, bring them back please.

  15. janet vice kings lynn UNITED KINGDOM

    had some for mothers day WOW what a dissappointment there is'nt any there that i liked from old WONT be buying again unless they return to old contents ,they really were my favorites

  16. Mona Hazel O'onnell Murton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please bring back the original black magic. The new centre's taste like flavoured sludge

  17. Sandie Dowling Haverhill UNITED KINGDOM

    I remember my Dad buying black magic for my Mum when I was a kid she still has one of the boxes with a tassel on to this day she loved those choc's – I bought her some a while ago and I was disgusted – PLEASE bring the old version back and in pretty boxes we dont mind paying for the real thing

  18. Richard Joyner Bournemouth UNITED KINGDOM
  19. tamar gaffney glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    i no longer buy black magic because they are not like the origanal ones.bring them back

  20. Karen Lupton Pwllheli UNITED KINGDOM

    My lovely partner bought a surprise box for me last week. On opening, no delicious rich chocolate aroma. The chocolates were half the size, no nut clusters, no brazil nut, no coffee, no cherry either. The alleged "orange sensation" was a parody of its former self, being sickly sweet and cloying. The "raspberry parfait" we suspect is completely synthetic, the "liquid" caramel was anything but. What an expensive and over packaged disappointment. What is white chocolate doing in a box of Black Magic anyway? I trotted upstairs to fetch out the empty box I`d kept from a few years ago and sure enough, two of these new "chocolates" almost fitted into the space of one of the old ones. The old box still had a lovely hint of the mouth watering chocolate aroma as well! How on earth have they managed to get this so wrong – one or two people at work had bought a box for their partners – a lot of happy memories are tied in with Black Magic chocolates for many of us – one of their partners threw their box away because they thought the chocolates were off – they`d started with the "orange sensation" and then tried the raspebrry thing which is inimitably foul. You can actually buy nicer chocolates from a stall at our local open market for a fraction of the price and with minimal packaging. Needless to say, we are all warning people hoping to bring back a little nostalgic joy to their partners not to waste their money on this stuff. Why so sweet anyway? Or do they have some arrangement with sugar suppliers? \r\nMaybe the creator of what is laughingly called "Classic Favourites – A traditional selection of caramels, wholenuts and fruit creams" majored in "meeja" advertising" or similar. If you want a real giggle, read the descriptions under the pictures of the chocolates – they at least show great imagination.\r\n\r\nHugely disappointing product – I tried the raspberry thing on rottweiler and bull mastiff – both dogs being hoovers – both spat them out – I rest my case.

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