Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Elaine Kibble

    Why oh why do black magic only have 6 chocolates. What happened to the toffees, other hard centres & the hard nutty ones like the hazelnut & brazil nut. I have searched everywhere for the original boxes but can only find boxes of 6 types. My husband only likes hard centres but these are all soft

  2. Sally Magill UNITED KINGDOM

    How can they still be allowed to call them Black Magic? Isn’t it an infringement of the Trades Description Act? Far from being a luxury they are now cheap and nasty, with naff less dark choc and bland poor quality fillings. It used to be the one vital box of chocs for Christmas – never again will I buy them at all in their present reincarnation.

    I remember them like old friends, Montellimar (my favourite), butterscotch, hazel nut cluster, cherry (the little round one, my favourite as a kid), fudge, caramel, orange, strawberry, brazil nut, coffee crescent, green marzipan, and that square one(?).

    My husband bought me a box on our first date and we went to the cinema and felt for our favourite chocs, and our hands, in the dark!

  3. Julie Passmore UNITED KINGDOM

    I have just been given a box of black magic chocolates for my birthday. I opened them this evening. HORRIBLE!! poor quality chocolate, even worse fillings. And the wrapping, it’s the worst packaging I’ve ever seen on a box of chocolates.
    Why oh why did Rowntree have to succumb to this!! Nestle yuk, having been so disappointed myself today, I shall NEVER AGAIN buy them as a gift for anyone else.

  4. Richard Eglen UNITED KINGDOM

    So dissapointed to find out that the Black Magic chocolates I bought my mother (v Thompson) are not the chocolates she so used to love. The Chocolate itself is not the same, and the selection and fillings are poor, bring back the originals, it is not what I had in mind to give dissapointment for Mother’s Day !! She does not want me to buy them again for her when they use to be her favourite !! Please listen Nestle

  5. Patricia carney UNITED KINGDOM

    Nestles please bring back the original Black Magic

  6. patricia carney UNITED KINGDOM

    bring back original Black Magic Chocs

  7. Patricia French UNITED KINGDOM

    Hate these new chocolates. Please bring back original soon.

  8. J. Booth NEW ZEALAND

    Would be great to taste em like they used to be.

  9. Brian Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    Pls bring back

  10. Melanie Gallego UNITED STATES

    Black Magic used to be magic, now it is cheap, waxy, overly sweet junk. Shame on you Nestle for ruining my family Christmas tradition of enjoying several boxes by the light of the Christmas tree

  11. Sandra CANADA

    Please bring back the old fashioned Black Magic Chocolates instead of those incipid, yukky creams that we are now given under the handle of Black Magic PLEASE

  12. Sandra CANADA


    24/12/2012 at 7:07 am

    Please bring back the old fashioned Black Magic Chocolates instead of those incipid, yukky creams that we are now given under the handle of Black Magic PLEASE


    bring back the old style as the new ones are absolute crap



  15. Carol Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    they have lost the black magic touch. All my favourites have gone toffee mallow, caramel, nougat ,coffee cream etc.

  16. Liz Jones

    Because it must have been American Hershey tastebuds that developed this disgusting apology for the original Rowntree Black Magic world famous chocolates. Not one redeeming feature about this Nestle product and how Thorntons and other chocolate makers must be laughing all the way to the bank!

  17. Julia Angelica UNITED STATES

    Because the chocolate is no longer rich, and the fillings are the same boring six flavors included in every other English chocolate assortment today. Nothing “magic” about this product now — all the old favorites that added sumptuouness to decades of birthdays and Christmases are gone.

  18. Kay Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    I was so disappointed when I opened my box of Black Magic chocolates! I haven’t had any for a couple of years but I managed to persuade my husband to get me some for Christmas. I was horrified that none of my favourites were in there – what’s in there now is absolute crap.

  19. Jane Holmes UNITED KINGDOM

    The original Black magic chocolates were special. Please look out the recipe and make them again.

  20. Brian Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    My favourite chocolates of all time. I used to try and save the best till last. The problem was deciding which was the best as they were all great. It usually came down to orange cream, coffee cream or the big oblong one (was it called montelimar). Happy days – but no more.

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