Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Shirley Griffiths Slough UNITED KINGDOM

    Only chocolates I have ever had when all the centres were perfect. Will miss not getting any the christmas, wake up Nestles you have given us some back lets have the rest.

  2. Philip Smith Luton UNITED KINGDOM

    I have never been a huge chocolate eater but I was born and bred only a couple of hundred metres from Rowntree\'s factory in York. Black Magic was always my favourite selection and a couple of days ago, I decided to treat myself and bought a box. Horror of horrors! They didn\'t even LOOK like Black Magic. Where were my 3 favourites? Coffee cream, Turkish Delight and Liquid Cherry? I\'m sorry Nestle but from now on, It\'s Thornton\'s and the occasional Cadbury\'s Bournville for me.

  3. Mairead Sattler Calgary, Alberta Canada CANADA

    Please bring them back to Canada. We used to live in Ireland and of course they were available all year round there. PLEASE we want them?


    I couldn\'t agree with you more. They are making an effort now though I think they are still trying to stop some one who promoted the changes from loosing face. They should come clean and not give new names to old and tested products of there range. I despair of the petty empire building in such companies

  5. John Parker Chelmsford UNITED STATES

    Having had some input into a revised selection of Black Magic I can tell you that NEW Black Magic boxes are now on sale and are at least comparable with the earlier selection.

  6. michael warriner sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    i was a regular buyer of black magic original now my stocks have gone i will not buy new type ,i have tried new type many times,please please bring original back

  7. j smith UNITED KINGDOM
  8. maureen wall birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    my husband bought me a box of black magic which are my absolute favourites they were vile even my dog would not eat them bring back the real chocs please please please

  9. Jackie Aukett Newbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Please bring back the original Black Magic, the new ones are no where near as good, and the \\\\\\\'new classic range are ok, but nothing like the original. Thanks

  10. Denise Vincent Ipswich UNITED KINGDOM

    We used to buy these for my mam each year for xmas and b\'day it was tradition! since they changed mam does\'nt like anyothers coffee creams was her favourite bring BACK THE CLASSIC

  11. Cathy Dugan Ballygowan, Co Down UNITED KINGDOM

    I loved the coffee flavour sweets – sadly no longer available

  12. lynn blackwell derby UNITED KINGDOM

    new black magic horrible. please bring back original,they are really great

  13. julie platt oldham UNITED KINGDOM

    i was really upset about the change in black magic my mother before had them and all the family and all our family loved them, it was strange not getting them, the new type are absolutely disgusting

  14. serana boffey UNITED KINGDOM
  15. charmaine andrews ipswich UNITED KINGDOM

    please bring back the classic black magic christmas is not the same without them i too spat mine out and threw the whole box of the new ones into the bin. they are truly discusting.yes please do fire the fools that created them and give us back that old black magic

  16. Soraya Lensates Southport UNITED KINGDOM

    I am one of those who threw their box of clunky gum-scratching chocs away. We couldn\\\\\\\'t get rid of them over xmas so they were binned! Black Magic? Binned. Can\\\\\\\'t believe it.

  17. June Allan Whitburn UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the original chocolates, especially the hazelnut cluster with the crunchy crocante base.

  18. lianne Baines luton UNITED KINGDOM

    bring them back why must we be told they have to changewhen no-one wants other than their favourite dark multicentre chocolates


    ooh i do miss them,so does my motherinlaw.please,please bring them back

  20. Guido Maddalena Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the ORIGINAL BLACK MAGIC

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