Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. neil fowler radstock UNITED KINGDOM

    i loved coffee cream

  2. sue cross UNITED KINGDOM

    bring back the original black magic chocolates I say and SOON!!!

  3. dorothy glanvill surbiton AUSTRALIA

    very very very disapointed at mt last box,Nothing around to match quality ,tast ,texture,Rich dark chocolate and centers to die for !one of the biggest disapointments in my whole life ,True True .

  4. roberta ridout Louth UNITED KINGDOM

    I hate the new black magic and the new dairy box I would sooner go without then buy them now change them back admit you got it wrong big time

  5. Helen Smerdon Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    I too have just been given a box of Black Magic. They are going in the bin! You have got it wrong Nestle. Please please bring back the originals.

  6. Peter Mills Mississauga, Ontario, Canada CANADA

    I\\\\\\\'ve been looking for ages to find that \\\\\\\"Easy-to-find\\\\\\\" packaging!\\r\\nNow it seems it is no longer available in Canada!\\r\\nCome on Nestles, bring back the best boxed chocolates in the world!

  7. Carole Andersen Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with above, why change something just for the sake of change. Black Magic were always the best Dark Chocolate Box and it is tragic that they stopped making them and put out that horrible box of nothing but Chocolate ones. My brother bought one and was totally devastated when he discovered that there were no centres. OUT WITH THE NEW AND IN WITH THE OLD, SAY I!!!

  8. Yvonne Oakes Newport UNITED KINGDOM

    The original montelimar, fudge/praline, orange cream, black cherry, nut cluster, all of the very best chocolates in the world. please bring them back and make me happy again.
    Yvonne Oakes

  9. Tricia Grubb Brisbane Australia AUSTRALIA

    We have been unable to get Black Magic chocolates in Australia for years! Yesterday I managed to buy a box of so-called Black Magic, at exhorbitant cost, at a sweetshop that imports from Britain. What a disappointment for us!

  10. B Jones WhiteRock, Surrey, BC Canada CANADA

    I have never even concidered the purchase of a box of Black Magic chocs. Since \\\\\\\'they\\\\\\\' changed a perfect product.I recieved a box every christmas since I was about 5 (1953) and I brought a box for my girls every xmas. Not to mention all the times I treated myself to a box throughout the year once I began to earn good money. Now I dont buy any british or american products. They have no idea what chocolate and its meaning of life are. Nestle is seriously misguided by greed. Cadbury will be next although it has already gone to the wall anyway, so the americans may as well have it. \\r\\nSwiss still know or at least have some idea what we chocolate people want. Nestle may as well start producing chocolate fireguards and selling them at xmas. or halloween perhaps.

  11. Lynn McIntosh South Queensferry

    I loved the old Black Magic – hate the new one – bring back the originals PLEASE.

  12. Roxanne Malcolm Dunfermline UNITED KINGDOM

    Always take Black Magic to my american family for a gift but they don\\\\\\\'t like the new kind. Miss butterscotch one

  13. Jackie Metcalf Sydney australia AUSTRALIA

    Please, please, please bring them back!!!

  14. Emma Collins Rialto

    Bring back the original black magic chocolates. They are way better than the new ones.

  15. Yvonne Waters Portadown UNITED KINGDOM

    Please bring bacxk original Black Magic.Christmas and birthdays are not the same without them.

  16. linda mcgowan stafford UNITED KINGDOM

    what happened to the marzipan one??

  17. andy goode new ollerton UNITED KINGDOM

    rowntrees was a great tasting chocolate untill nestle bought it and made it all candy tasting but they left the black magic alone then they destroyed it with the new version yes sack the idiot

  18. ronald kidd grangemouth UNITED KINGDOM
  19. lee baker mansfield UNITED KINGDOM

    the new chocs just taste of sugar.Bring back the old taste with the old shapes

  20. Betty Solley Clacton on sea UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree – if it\'s not broken, why mend it? Have been looking out for Black Magic chocolates and was delighted to finally find them but so so disappointed with the changed centres – and what has happened to the coffee creams – where have they gone? Bring back the original Black Magic chocolates!

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