Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Wendy Daniel Auckland, New Zealand NEW ZEALAND

    Much prfer to choose my chocolate with a nice centre to them. Please bring back the original Black Magic.

  2. caren carder st helens UNITED KINGDOM

    please bring back originals my mum s favourite and one and only box of chocs all the family would buy her to get instant smile x

  3. Doris Coates Alloa UNITED KINGDOM

    I was very dissappointed with the new black magic and disregarded most of them. Bring back the old.

  4. Patricia Bradley Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    A great disapointment to find no more black magic chocs been searching for the last two years for a dear sisters favouritechristmas treat

  5. Morna Watson London UNITED STATES

    Please re-instate BLACK MAGIC chocolates!

  6. Christine Heaney Orpington UNITED KINGDOM

    Just cannot believe what you've done to these chocolates. They are now rubbish. Whoever came up with the changes should be sacked. Please bring back the original ones!

  7. Barry Rogers Orpington UNITED KINGDOM

    If Nestle wanted to change the chocolates then they should have given the product a different name. How many other people have been cheated by getting something they hadn't realised had been drastically changed.

  8. Clare Hogan IRELAND
  9. Shahreen Basunia California, U.S.A UNITED STATES

    Please bring back the original Black Magic Chocolate. I would buy ten boxes and have friends send them for us.

  10. Teresa Heaney IRELAND
  11. Teresa McKeown Wishaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Ive thrown/given away boxes of the so called \\\\\\\'Black Magic\\\\\\\' chocolates. bring back the original which were far superior to the bland effort we have in the shops today.

  12. Margaret Godden-Gray Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    OMG… I\'ve been living in the USA for 20 years and have been searching for my favourite Black Magic Chocolate Box and can\'t find them anywhere. Now I read this person\'s email, I cannot believe that Nestle has CHANGED them!!!!!

  13. Margaret Davies Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    If it ain\'t broke don\'t fix it!!!
    Bring back the Original Black Magic Chocs, my favorite will always be the Liquid cherry!

  14. white leslie filey UNITED KINGDOM

    theres nowt like watching match of the day on a saterday night with a glass of wine and a box of black magic after the wife as gone to bed so bring the originals back (magic)

  15. diane muldowney stockton on tees UNITED KINGDOM

    I miss them so much and i hate the new truffles.


    have just sent you an email I help out at an old age club and if possible could we have a party at our club our old ladys would like that very much we could also get hold of our local paper the dates we have free are nov 30 dec 14 21 hope you can try and organise this for us thank you mair jenkins helper at joanies old age


    Ihave just sent you an email as my house is small i would if possible like to hold a party in our joanies club we could get hold of our local paper for you we hold our club on a mondays our only dates free are nov 30 dec 14 and 21 hope its possible for you to come on one of those days thank you mair jenkins HELPER at joannies

  18. Susan Janet Faulkner Basingstoke UNITED KINGDOM

    Can we please go back to the original recipes!

  19. Penny Tran Bracknell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please please please bring them back

  20. c sutton Dublin IRELAND

    Love the original box of Black Magic on special occacions, Hate, hate HATE the New ones.

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