Bring back the original Black Magic Chocolates

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Created December 17, 2007 by Juliana


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  1. Alice Mulholland dundalk, County Louth, Ireland IRELAND

    should go back to original, even the base chocolate mix has changed and its not as tasty, I dont eat any other chocolates, so now I have no treat at all

  2. Nigel Race Waltham Abbey UNITED KINGDOM

    Those Black Magic chocolates with the 3 hazelnuts on top of a biscuity base were exquisite! Bring em back.

  3. Kate Scott Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    The new Black Magic chocolates are inedible. Hard, sugary centres and nothing like the ones I remember so well. Well done on getting this petition going – maybe Nestle will listen.

  4. Mike Featherstone Newcastle on Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the old flavours and shapes. The new ones are horrible

  5. michael hogan st. john's CANADA

    that old black magic had me in its spell , now it's changed and gone to hell, what will I do what will I do what will I do. I need that old black magic I do I do I do !!!

  6. Emma Deacon Paisley UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree! I miss the old chocolates so much. They were my grans favourite too and I know shes desperate for the old ones to return! Lets make it happen!

  7. Anne Pennington Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I LONG for a box of the original Black Magic Chocolates. Everything these days is soft gooey mush with no distintive taste. Bring back Toffee & Mallow, Strawberry Cream, Cherry Cream (my favourite), Butterscotch, Montellimar, Nut Cluster, Orange Cream, Coffee Cream etc. Even if its for a celebration of some special milestone in the history of Rowntrees. There are so many people who would love these original chocs. they would be a winner in a competative market of sameness.\\r\\n\\r\\nThanks


    Disappointed with classic Favorites as my mum was expecting her favorites from the 60's including; Butterscotch,Montelimar,Toffee Truffle,Cherry,Chewy Caramel,Hazelnut Cluster and coffee cream. Only the Orange Cream and the Fudge are left. WHAT'S GOING ON???

  9. Pete Mason Seaford UNITED KINGDOM

    The name is the same but that is all- nothing like the originals in texture, variety or flavour-total rip off total crap

  10. Susan Cytko Edmonton Alberta Canada CANADA

    Black Magic were perfection\r\nnow they are generic.

  11. Barbara Baines Bingley UNITED KINGDOM

    Just had a box of B.M. chocs, the flavours are not 'magic' any more, where is the cherry covered choc with the syrup cherry filling and the divine exotic orange – disappointed 'all round' – they are not magic, but a total 'dull' filling. Bring back the originals that Rowntree's made – you would put some magic in people's lives!

  12. BeasktitJeott BeasktitJeott Willemstad UNITED STATES
  13. alan macrory newtownards county down UNITED STATES

    What a load or rubbish these new chocolates are. I AM 68 years of age. These are not what i have got old with.

  14. BeasktitJeott BeasktitJeott Willemstad UNITED STATES

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  15. Irene Sives Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    I never eat milk chocolate at any time,Ithink it is very selfish to do away with Black they were Magic.

  16. robert clish SINGAPORE

    Just tried the new Black Magic in Singapore. They are no where near the original. Bring back Rowntree

  17. Bea Saurma Cape Town South Africa

    The best chocolates ever made

  18. Vicky McCulloch Victoria, B.C. Canada CANADA

    Please bring back the original box. I am going through withdrawal big time. Nothing beats that taste!

  19. cindy may amos brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    i would love black-magic chocs to be how they were! I miss toffee and mallow,marzipan, butterscotch,hazelnut cluster etc.

  20. sandra entwhistle lethbridge CANADA

    a shout out to return from across the pond in lethbridge, alberta, canada!! where's my BM

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