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Created May 16, 2010 by sam

Human Rights

Jamal Parchment was convicted as part of the Joint Enterprise law for a murder he never committed, even the judge stated he wasn't the murderer but was still sentenced to life of 30 years imprisonment. we intend to fight to clear his name for as long as its necessary. We need YOUR help!, and would so appreciate it if you could all PLEASE sign this petition. were hoping and praying that the positive feedback from this petition will allow Jamal to appeal, be granted a retrial, a FAIR!! trial, as is his and every one else's right, according to the Human Rights Act, followed by the true verdict of NOT GUILTY and his release from prison Thank you!!, We will campaign for the release of Jamal Parchment until this Miscarriage of Justice is rectified and Jamals conviction is overturned and he is released from prison.

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  1. Hasb

    From the archives:

    Two people have died on Jolly’s watch first in 1999

    Jamal Sky Parchment:

    Appeals by young offenders against conviction and sentence for murder and conspiracy to rob. The second appellant’s conviction for murder was unsafe and was therefore quashed.Appeals against conviction and sentence for murder and conspiracy to rob. In August 1999 the victim (‘V’) was stabbed with a kitchen knife by S during an attempted robbery and died. All four appellants (‘P’, ‘D’, ‘H’, and ‘S’) were aged 15 or 16 years at the time of the offence. All four were convicted of conspiracy to rob and D, H and S were also found guilty of murder. D, H and S were sentenced to be detained during Her Majesty’s pleasure pursuant to s.53(1) Children and Young Persons Act 1933. On the conspiracy to rob, all four appellants received sentences of detention for seven years and six months under s.53(3) of the 1933 Act. Leave was granted to all appellants to appeal against sentence. The prosecution case against H, P and D on the count of murder was that, with S, they planned to rob V and knew or realised that a knife might be used with intent to kill or to cause really serious injury during the course of the robbery.

  2. Zach breslin UNITED KINGDOM

    Free jamal

  3. ufwkeso

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