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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  2. Barry Cottrell Richmond NETHERLANDS

    I like the cycle maps already made by TFL but a more intensive one linking and showing all cycle lanes would be awesomeness.

  3. Rodney Fransz UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Paul Kalwik Ealing UNITED KINGDOM

    This is what London lacks and is needed! In fact this should have been done years ago.

  5. Peter Knapp Hounslow UNITED KINGDOM

    Just cycled in Norway and their system was unified, easy to use, often big roads had special off road areas for cyclists. I see no reason why we can't have this in the UK.

  6. james steel london UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Jamie Webb Chelmsford UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Matthew Hall Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  9. jacek kij london IRELAND
  10. Giorgio Zanoni Italy ITALY
  11. Owen Powell UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Keith Harris London UNITED KINGDOM
  13. richard mclelland UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Rebecca Aoude UNITED STATES
  15. adam fields london UNITED KINGDOM

    An up to date cycle map of London is essential. Not all cyclists have fancy phones that support apps. Most still prefer paper maps ; even better if they were waterproof.

  16. Ian Spence Farnborough UNITED KINGDOM

    My wife and I are both regularly in London on bikes and this sort of map would be a great step forward!

  17. Anna Corrigan London UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Alexis Vergez London UNITED KINGDOM

    YES. Definitely. Currently it is a mess and it needs to be a unified network. It should lead to decent cycle routes, through parks as well, as we find in cities like Geneva, Amsterdam.

  19. claude vergez london UNITED KINGDOM

    good idea

  20. Clara Vergez London UNITED KINGDOM
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