Mitchams Corner Pay And Display Parking Is For Local Businesses, Not The City Centre

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Created May 15, 2014 by Anil Malhotra


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  1. Lisa Bartlett GERMANY

    Keep residential area safe for children & cyclists.

  2. Anil Malhotra

    Keep parking bays for customers of local shops, not city centre shops.

  3. Dominik Wujastyk AUSTRIA

    Owner of 25 Pretoria Road. We need to prioritize parking for local residents, not open our streets as a free-for-all for all-day parking.

  4. Andrew Harvey UNITED KINGDOM

    8 hour parking will make it difficult for short-term visitors to residents on the De Freville estate.

  5. elizabeth stephan UNITED KINGDOM

    the purpose of the current parking restriction is to prevent commuters parking on the De Freville estate all day.

  6. Pelham Wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    Parking bays should benefit residents and local businesses and not provide all day parking for commuters and other visitors to the city. Such outside traffic should also not be encouraged to enter the estate to look for such parking.

  7. Patricia Day Bidinger UNITED STATES

    We need our local Chesterton Road / Mitcham’s Corner shops and without SHORT TERM pay and display, they will surely be lost.

  8. Patricia Day Bidinger UNITED STATES

    Thank you.

  9. Charlie Hattersley UNITED KINGDOM

    The tinkering with our hard won scheme without consultation is wrong.

  10. Jane Phillimore UNITED KINGDOM

    We need our local shops and don’t want to lose them – it’s important for the Council to support them with short-term local parking which benefits them and not the already well-provisioned city centre…

  11. Peter Fletcher UNITED KINGDOM

    I am concerned that any such change to the current Pay and Display arrangements may have an adverse effect on the effective Residents’ Parking scheme that is now in operation in the area.

  12. Fiona Brown

    Commuters and city centre shoppers should be incentivised to use the park and ride system

  13. Katy Cosh UNITED KINGDOM

    These bays should definitely not be used as long-stay city centre spaces – we will once again have drivers circling the area looking for free spaces to use for the day + lack of available spaces for visitors to residents and local shoppers

  14. Roger Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    Local traffic is fair enough, but for tourists and sightseers its too much.

  15. Roger Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    This is too complicated.

  16. Peter Banks UNITED KINGDOM

    would surely undermine the whole purpose of having some short stay bays and I fail to see how an eight hour limit will provide any better for city centre shoppers because the bays will surely be comandeered by city centre workers.

  17. Nick Levine UNITED KINGDOM

    When you introduced this scheme, you wrote to every affected household. It feels quite underhand that you haven’t done that this time.

    Eight hour metered parking would just undermine the whole scheme. We’d be back to where we started, but worse off by fifty something pounds plus the costs of visitor permits every year. For some people that’s not a lot of money, but for people on lower incomes it’s something of a “de Freville tax”. To have to pay it out and then things are no better than they were beforehand — well, you get my drift.

    Moving from negative points to a positive one: it is true that there are times when there are many empty bays, both in the metered sections and the residents-only. How about giving another boost to businesses in this challenged area (just count the number of empty shops on Mitchames Corner!) by allowing one hour of parking free of charge, at any time? Many other towns do this, it’s good for traders, and makes brief visits much less of a nuisance for all concerned. A low-tech solution (like: writing the date and your arrival time on a piece of paper) would suffice – again this has worked in other towns.

  18. ChristineHugh-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    8-hour parking encourages people to stay all day. Parking spaces should not be used for all-day parking because this blocks opportunities for people to visit local residents and businesses. Park and ride is available for people who come from outside Cambridge to work in the city centre.

  19. Margaret Waring UNITED KINGDOM

    Mitcham Corner traders need the support of all in maintaining and creating a viable shopping centre, changing the parking arrangements will be detrimental.

  20. Judy Bousfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Increased parking hours on the pay and display bays would encourage all day parking by commuters not city visitors, reduce parking availability for residents visitors and necessary tradespersons, be bad for local businesses and increase traffic in the area. It would be a reversal of all that has been gained by the introduction of the residents’ parking scheme.

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