Mitchams Corner Pay And Display Parking Is For Local Businesses, Not The City Centre

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Created May 15, 2014 by Anil Malhotra


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  1. Mike Bleazard

    Allowing 8 hours of Pay and Display in this residential neighbourhood will encourage the return of the commuters who blighted this neighbourhood before Residents’ Parking was introduced.
    8 hours of Pay and Display will allow someone to park *all day* as the Pay and Display is only in operatio for 8 hours per day.

  2. Ian Jolley UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Dan Elliott UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposal will harm local businesses and undermine the use of the Park & Ride scheme.

  4. Ruth Corns UNITED KINGDOM

    If the time limit is extended to 8 hours, these spaces will be used by commuters rather than people supporting local businesses in the Mitchams corner area.

  5. Richard Corns UNITED KINGDOM

    Protect the small number of spaces for people wanting to access local businesses.

  6. Justin Walthall UNITED KINGDOM

    Through the residents parking scheme we agreed to SHORT STAY parking to serve community businesses and local visitors. Sneaking in this change without consultation goes against this.

  7. Lucy Traynor

    Our community strongly opposes commuter parking – lengthening time the allowance to park and leave a car at a pay and display will invite commuters to use these bays.

  8. David Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    The bays in question are clearly necessary for users of Mitchams corner shoppers. To designate them otherwise might well sound the death knell for the shops on Mitchams corner

  9. Lesley Holly UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with all the aims of this petition. The pay and display bays should remain as they are. An * hour period will encourage commuters yet again

  10. Tarquin Coles UNITED KINGDOM

    Years of work to support local businesses and the residents damaged overnight if this goes through and allows a cheaper parking alternative than the city centre. Joined up thinking pleas.

  11. Heather Glen UNITED KINGDOM

    Local businesses are already struggling (witness the number of boarded-up shops on Chesterton Road). This area should not be allowed to become a car park for visits to the city centre.

  12. P Wollner UNITED KINGDOM

    Long term parking will only cater for those visiting the city centre.

  13. Monica Thomas

    I agree we don’t want to be a car park for tourists or commuters

  14. Nigel Brown

    A lot of people have campaigned for a very long time to improve the quality of life for local residents in this area, and do not want to see it, or prospects for local businesses, jeopardised now, without even the courtesy of consultation.

  15. Ruth Green GERMANY

    This will bring commuters back and defeat the whole object of the scheme.
    Back to noise and chaos in the morning.

  16. Rachel Mayne UNITED KINGDOM

    We have struggled hard to regain a safer environment for our residents and 8 hr pay and display would encourage commuters and full day shoppers back into this area.We also have a small business community in Mticham’s community and people use the pay and display currently for shorter periods which benefit this community. If commuters were allowed to park for 8 hrs this would be taken away.

  17. Jane Gilbert UNITED KINGDOM

    Local parking is necessary for residents with small children or other less mobile residents.

  18. Katie Bardes UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep residential area safe for children & cyclists

  19. Matt Walpole UNITED KINGDOM

    Opening up 8 hour metered parking will inevitably return this area to the situation that the residents parking scheme was brought in to deal with, i.e. city centre commuter pressure reducing parking for local business customers and reducing the safety of cyclists and children. Why provide city centre parking in residential areas as a cheaper alternative to city centre car parks? This makes no sense. What is Park and Ride for if not to cater for city shoppers and commuters? Why is the council quietly ushering in something that will hurt local residents and businesses rather than talking to those residents and business? This all seems very underhand. In the consultation over residents park in this area we were consulted on metered parking options. We should be consulted again now.

  20. Diana Linden UNITED KINGDOM

    Introducing 8 hour metered parking would completely overturn the enormous benefits which Residents Parking has brought to the De Freville area and have a detrimental effect on the local shops and businesses. Commuters would return to the area once again.

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