Mitchams Corner Pay And Display Parking Is For Local Businesses, Not The City Centre

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Created May 15, 2014 by Anil Malhotra


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  1. Alan Findlay UNITED KINGDOM

    4 hrs is enough for local shoppers and rowers; 8 hrs will result in the area being taken over by daytime city centre commuters … which was what the residents’ parking scheme was designed to deal with.

  2. Alan Findlay UNITED KINGDOM

    8 hours will encourage all-day commuters; the shuld use park-and-ride.

  3. Mike Ashton UNITED KINGDOM

    The Council’s reasoning given above is flawed; there are currently ample parking facilities for day-visitors and shoppers within the city centre. Conversely, until the introduction of the current scheme, local parking for visitors, shoppers and residents has frequently been very difficult, if not impossible.

    There will NOT be adequate parking for local visitors and shoppers if this proposal goes ahead. The proposal will undermine local business and visitors. Nor do I see any deficit of provision in the city centre at present.

    Could the council please explain to this forum why the further interests of day-visitors to the city centre must override the interests of local shoppers and visitors, who will find it extremely difficult to park if these measures go ahead?

    The council’s initial lack of consultation with residents on this matter was appalling, and cannot engender a feeling of concern or regard to residents’ interests. Looking ahead, I hope the council will now engage correctly with local residents and businesses and make it’s decisions transparently, with due regard to any feedback received.

  4. Steve Trapmore UNITED KINGDOM

    The 4hr limit is already more than adequate.

  5. Gavin Bierman UNITED KINGDOM

    This completely undermines the point of the residents parking scheme. No wonder the council didn’t even tell us about this proposed change.

    If the council really wants to support local businesses (and not commuters) it should introduce a scheme so that shoppers can park for free in the pay-and-display bays.

    If after this there are still many empty pay-and-display slots, then the council should swallow its pride and re-assign some back to residential parking bays.

    If there is a dire need for shoppers parking in the city then the council needs to start building or extending car parks. Dumping them back into residential areas is not the solution.

  6. Sarah Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    The pay and display bays should be kept for visitors to the local area and not be turned into a car park for the city centre.

  7. Laura Tibbs UNITED KINGDOM

    It is ridiculous to suggest that eight hour meters are needed for shopping- who shops for that length of time? The only reason to extend the time allowed would be to provide cheap parking for workers – surely that is what the park and ride scheme is for.

  8. Alix Vlasto UNITED KINGDOM

    These parking bays should not be used for all-day parking because we need them for people who are coming specifically to this area, to visit houses or the local shops. Park and ride should be used for people who come from outside Cambridge to work in the city centre.


    The short-term pay and display spaces should be targeted at helping the local shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants etc in the area – if they become eight hour parking bays they would be used by commuters as a cheaper alternative to all day parking in town.

  10. Guy Barnes UNITED KINGDOM

    These parking bays should be left for activities with local businesses and not opened to deny such access.

  11. Sandra Little UNITED KINGDOM

    8 hour parking is not short term. This would negate original intention of pay and display places for LOCAL SHORT TERM parking for customers of shops, banks, eateries and other businesses, river and common users as well as local residents. Any change to 8 hours intended for those using city centre would not solve such bigger parking aims to any useful extent either, so please do not make this change.

  12. Alix Vlasto UNITED KINGDOM

    Enough emails in my life already

  13. Jane Howard-Jones IRELAND

    These parking spaces are not intented to enable commuters to cambridge centre to park there all day, but rather for local use.

  14. Nicola Trapmore UNITED KINGDOM

    8 hour parking is not short term. It will clearly be used by commuters looking for cheaper all day parking- not supporting local shops etc.

  15. Hilary Hladky UNITED KINGDOM

    Allowing parking for 8 hours in the pay and display bays defeats the whole object of the residents parking which was designed to free the local streets from long-stay and commuter parking. These bays are available for people wishing to visit the local shops on Mitchams Corner or to visit local residents. They were not intended to be used by people needing to leave their car for a long time, such as commuters or those visiting Cambridge for the day. The Park and Ride facilities have been provided for those people.

  16. Peter Haynes UNITED KINGDOM

    The proposed change will reduce the availability of visitor parking for local residents and customer parking for local, e.g. Mitcham’s Corner, businesses.

  17. Bridget Hattersley UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no place for 8 hour pay and display parking in a residential area like this. It undermines all the hard work we put into fighting for residents parking and making our area a better place to live.

  18. Jacquetta Rodgers UNITED KINGDOM

    Quite clearly ridiculous. The lunatics have taken over the assylum again!

  19. Tim Rodgers UNITED KINGDOM

    I concur with comments above.

  20. Andrew Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    The point of the pay and display spaces was to enable shoppers to access businesses local to Mitcham’s corner. Extending the hours will, as has been said, create commuter parking spaces for central Cambridge which will be to the detriment of the local businesses the local Councillors were so keen to protect during the discussions on residents parking.

    Also the council is elected to consider both local and city wide needs so I do not understand why there was no consultation on this.

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