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Created February 17, 2011 by Sai


We write to advise you about the difficulties that certain politicians at Brent Town Hall are creating for Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, London rnThe premises at Union Road, Wembley that temple had occupied since January 2010 had D1 use class (License to use a premises as a place of worship) for many years. However, in July 2010, for reasons unknown, the Planning Officers misled temple authority to apply for the D1 use permission when there was no need to do so. In good faith, temple authority trusted them and submitted a new application. Temple authority has done everything possible and realistic to comply with the requirements of the planning department and their proposal was also positively acknowledged and received by the Planning officer. However, for some unknown reasons, there has been a concerted effort on some part of the Council to close the temple. Brent Council is continually moving goalposts against temple authority. At the Planning meeting of 15 December, 2010, when the matter was first discussed, Councillors Ramesh Patel and Ketan Sheth were not allowed to sit on this case. Ostensibly, it was alleged that because they are Trustees of Pavitt Hall, a Labour Party property, there is a conflict of interest. We believe they were removed because they are Hindus. At the 15 December 2010 meeting, Cllr Sheth was substituted by Cllr Jayesh Mistry who, along with Councillor Dhiraj Kataria (both Labour) and 3 Liberal Democrats voted for temple application. The report was sent back to be re-submitted. At the subsequent meeting of the Council in January, Cllr Jayesh Mistry was removed as first substitute to Councillor Sheth. The clear purpose for removing councilors is to remove those who favored granting permission to the temple and replacing them with others who would be instructed to vote against temple application. Temple application will be heard at planning committee meet on Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011 at 7 PM at Brent town hall (Forty Lane, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 9HD) committee rooms 2nd floor. We strongly recommend and request support of all Sai devotees in UK by attendance at 6:45 pm by you and your colleagues. The planning officers have apparently now been asked to review the status but unfortunately recommended the refusal of this application. The fate of the existence of this temple is purely in your hands and your presence at this meeting will be greatly needed and appreciated.

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  1. venkatramana INDIA

    We all know almighty our great god Sairam is watching all the activities of evils ,and let all us wait and see for a while leaving the problem to his destiny,If the things are really worse,then go ahead for petition.

  2. Mahesh Babu K INDIA

    JAI SAI RAM v Need the temple to b there

  3. simon heather UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this campaign


    I pray that the temple exist for believers like me.

  5. Malini MALAYSIA

    Baba will take care everything





  8. Sudhakar D

    leave all fear pray to baba,baba is every where u know that.

  9. Sudhakar D

    please spread of baba and they wont touch or dare to take any action against the temple whole of sai devotees are with u

  10. sri ranjini MALAYSIA
  11. Ashvin Gopal UNITED KINGDOM

    Sai ram


    Please make the sai baba temple give more blessing to allover the world. They are universal God for every one. Said baba know what to do well then us.

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