Petition to Save Shirdi Sai Baba Temple London

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Created February 17, 2011 by Sai


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  1. Avinash KV Hyderabad INDIA

    Temple brings good luck to everyone generations to generations irrespective of religion. Please save .

  2. mita gulathi Gurgoan INDIA
  3. Preeti Shetty Mumbai INDIA

    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  4. Preeti Shetty Mumbai INDIA

    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  5. Tanuja Raju Hydeabad UNITED STATES

    I would request not to close the temple. I believe in BABA and what ever i have asked him , he gave me and its the same for all the sai baba devotees. I would never want this temple to be closed atleast for the people who stay in LONDON , which would disappoint the people who believe in SAI BABA

  6. Kumaran T. Muthusamy Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

    Places of worship bring people together for peace, harmony and promotes good naturedness. Are the authorities unable to understand what it promotes

  7. uma sridhar iyer Faridabad INDIA

    Shirdi saibaba is one such guru who is present with anyone who thinks of him instantaneously. I lead my life only with his presence next to me always.I love Shirdi sai baba so save his temple.

  8. Gorav Gandhi
  9. Anusha N AUSTRALIA
  10. Sundeep Jaiswal Ilford UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Rajiv Tiwari London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this secular temple

  12. Gujare Arti Hounslow UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save the temple. It is a place of worship and I will be devastated to see it demolish.

  13. ASHUTOSH GUPTA ghazipur india

    om sai…
    i agree that the temple should be built amen..

  14. Sunita Shah London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save our temple

  15. Jawahar Jaiswal Jabalpur (MP) UNITED KINGDOM

    om sai ram please do not close this temple

  16. Anup Gupta Wokingham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Balaji Sahasranaman UNITED KINGDOM

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai Baba is a divine being worshipped alike by people of many religion. It would be very sad, if a temple housing this divine being is being threatened by non existence due to some misinterpretation of rules.
    In todays times, such places are needed where there is an unified feeling of peace and worship.

  18. Dhairyasheel Sole Pune AUSTRALIA

    Why dont such Britishers realise that if Asia (India & China) sneezes, world will catch cold. Authorities, not only in London but in UK should concentrate their efforts towards attaining financial stability of UK rather than such issues.

  19. Sapna Sharma Gurgaon INDIA

    Temples are meant to create a feeling of love and harmony and need to be restored and maintained.

  20. Pramod Babber New Delhi INDIA

    They cannot simply shut down a religious place operational from a long time

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