Reinstate Saltburn Hill Climb

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Created June 22, 2010 by David


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  2. Ian Ross Ingleby Barwick UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Alan Bean Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    used to be a fantastic event lets see it back!

  4. Lee McCluskey UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Bryan Bambrough Hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM

    theres more to sport than football, give it a chance

  6. Peter Murphy Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM
  7. David Spencer Crewe UNITED KINGDOM
  8. James Algar Redcar UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the reinstatement of this event

  9. matthew tyson middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the hillclimb! It is greatly missed from our area.

  10. Mark Thompson UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Gareth Hicks Stockton-on-Tees UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the petition to get the hill-climb re-instated. After all, if Middlesbrough can close roads for a bicycle event, then I am sure that a similar arrangement can be made here.

  12. John Alan thompson Strood, Kent UNITED KINGDOM

    This should be reinstated. Although no longer a North East resident, I recall this event from the past.

  13. susan cotton saltburn UNITED KINGDOM
  14. David Sargeant Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love to see it reinstated.

  15. Mike Hawthorne Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Frank Atkinson Guisborough UNITED KINGDOM

    Live and let live, 60,000 people used to watch the sand racing between Saltburn and Marske in the 'good old days' before the lawyers got to work .

  17. paul lyth brotton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Keith Wood Wigan UNITED KINGDOM

    The tradition of speed events should be re-instated at Saltburn.

  19. Mike Roberts Darlington UNITED KINGDOM

    This event must be re-instated to bring one more event to Salburn, bring interest to the town, not only for motorcyclists but also for families who may have never been to the town.

  20. Mike Dearman Redcar
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