Reinstate Saltburn Hill Climb

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Created June 22, 2010 by David


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There are currently 339 signatures for this petition:

  1. Steve Gibbon Sunderland KAZAKHSTAN
  2. Dennis Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Are we to lose out yet again to either health and safety or official-dum!\r\nLet's hope that this petition will return what the people want

  3. Peter Wood UNITED KINGDOM

    It is part of our historic motoring heritage and should be restored , a chance for people to see a mobile motoring heritage not confined to a static display .

  4. frances lawrence redcar UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Chris Davies Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Edward Ernest Ransom Redcar UNITED KINGDOM
  7. michael lynas thirsk UNITED KINGDOM

    Yeh, lets get it back. It was a cracking event.

  8. David Swinton Morpeth UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Steve Pressick Saltburn UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like to see the hill climb reinstated

  10. Stephen Williams REDCAR UNITED KINGDOM

    Events like this one should be encouraged not prohibited.

  11. Anthony Richardson Redcar UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the tradition alive

  12. Christine Anderson redcar UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Michael Davison Redcar UNITED KINGDOM

    I can't understand the legal issue as several other speed events are held on temporarily closed public roads within the UK.

  14. Terence Morgan middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Shaun Cooney Redcar UNITED KINGDOM
  16. samuel bleming middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    please reinstate saltburn hillclimb.will give the some good publicity

  17. andrew welsh redcar UNITED KINGDOM

    bring it back

  18. derek maret redcar UNITED KINGDOM

    If they can close roads for marathons etc, why can't a road be closed for this event?.

  19. Keith Maret Redcar UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Kurt Ramsden Guisborough UNITED KINGDOM

    The hillclimb brings kudos and cash to the region – as a regular competitor in sprints and hillclimbs I'd love to participate at this historic venue.

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