Save Elvington Lock

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Created August 22, 2014 by Trina Warriner


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There are currently 52 signatures for this petition:

  1. Elaine Clemit UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s English heritage and should be preserved for future generations!

  2. wilfred mills UNITED KINGDOM

    had a boats on this river with moorings over last 24 years and used the lock a lot b. .ut now land locked. the upper Derwent is most beautiful section and should kept open for people to enjoy

  3. John mills UNITED KINGDOM

    River user

  4. Denise Mills UNITED KINGDOM

    we have a boat moored there and use the lock

  5. Clare Field UNITED KINGDOM

    We should ensure we preserve our heritage as a nation. Elvington Lock is an example of part of our history that is still alive and providing benefits – both in terms of amenity and business. It would be short-sighted and sad to lose this.

  6. Ian Bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t let a navigable waterway die. Better for wildlife to keep a good flow of water, and boat traffic helps keep the channel clear


    Short sighted to contract the waterway network in this way

  8. Graham Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    It was I who reopened the lock to navigation in 1972, and have been very active in a campaign to repaire it, having raised funds. I am anxious to make contact with the petition owner. Would he/she please email me?

  9. Chris Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    In the last 50 years endless work has gone in to restoring canals as they are now seen as an important amenity rather than a “cost”. We should not allow infrastructure such as this lock to be lost, its much more difficult to recover it later.

  10. andrew watson UNITED KINGDOM

    We should preserve as much navigable mileage as possible. It has valuable leisure and amenity value.
    Also that lost eventually becomes a silted up drain and a flood liability.

  11. mitch Liggins UNITED KINGDOM

    These waterways need to be encouraged to be used more.

  12. Chris Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Once infrastructure like this falls into disuse its near impossible to recover.

  13. Steve Nichols UNITED KINGDOM

    I navigated the Derwent a couple of years ago and it would be a great shame to lose access to this lovely waterway

  14. Michael Geraghty UNITED KINGDOM

    There is a right of navigation, this should not be alowed to be removed.

  15. Trina Warriner UNITED KINGDOM

    I have created this petition. My e-mail address is if you need to contact me. I cannot access anyones e-mail from this petition. Thanks Trina

  16. Roger Spurr UNITED KINGDOM

    While everyone in the canal world has been moving heaven and earth to save and indeed expand our canal system the Environment agency seek to reduce it. When it’s gone it’s gone. Think again EA its the general election soon…..

  17. Roger Spurr UNITED KINGDOM

    When its gone its gone.
    Note to EA remember there is a general election soon

  18. Colin Mackenzie UNITED KINGDOM

    The EA should sell or sublet their “stake” in this lock to CaRT so it can be repaired and navigation continued. EA should then think hard about leaving all water projects involving boats- river weirs in Norfolk/Suffolk removed to allow easier fish movements but navigation then lost- wrong, Montogmery canal restoration blocked wrong, Ashby canal restrictions on boats because there are plants in the canal-wrong, Grantham canal restored and then filling in because EA wont allow dredging – wrong. Lancatser Canal feed filling up with silt due to plant protection – wrong etc etc. Pocklington canal give a huge grant to preserve wild life in the canal but not one penny to improve navigation -wrong etecetec

  19. Chris Holmes

    Once it is closed it would never be opened up again, the main question is who will make money from the closure

  20. Jan Acheson UNITED KINGDOM

    Historic waterways should always be kept viable. Who knows to what use it might be possible in the future. We have lost so many in the past, regretted it and have to raise vast amounts to restore them.

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