Say I DO to Creekwood Gardens

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Created October 22, 2010 by Lisa


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  1. Mindy Campbell Rogers UNITED STATES

    I think its a great venue that represents the beauty of the Ozarks. To lose such a beautiful venue would be a loss to other business, but to the community as well.

  2. Erika Dotson Fayetteville UNITED STATES

    Half of the weddings I have booked next year are at Creekwood Gardens meaning I could potentially loose half my income next year!!! Please keep Creekwood Gardens it's such a beautiful and accommodating wedding venue which is few and far between in these parts!

  3. Victoria Whitfield Fayetteville UNITED STATES
  4. Tracee Williams Fayetteville, AR UNITED STATES

    Wishing you all the best with Creekwood. It would be a shame to not be able to provide your unique service in NW Arkansas

  5. Rich Howard rogers UNITED STATES
  6. Neda Davitt Rogers UNITED STATES
  7. Kaitlyn Whitman Centerton UNITED STATES
  8. Tristan Lawler San Antonio UNITED STATES

    I was married at Creekwood Gardens and it was one of the most magical and wonderful days of my life. Just the bride and grooms family drove on the private road in order to get into Lisa Rose's house, otherwise she was incredibly adamant about no other cars, and had her own family sitting at the top of the road directing people towards the correct place to park. It would be a horrible shame to shut down this magical venue. Lisa should not be denied the opportunity to help brides on their most special day.

  9. Jason Hudson Fayetteville UNITED STATES

    Shutting down a business with no complaints on file is unacceptable and appalling. Have they not even considering grandfathering in the brides who have already booked there? I know a lot of money has been spent in advertising for this facility and a lot of time invested. There are vendors all over Rogers and NW Arkansas that will be losing money by losing a venue.

  10. Trista H. Fort Smith UNITED STATES
  11. Fran Nault Mena, AR
  12. Jodi Lightner Rogers UNITED STATES
  13. Molly Gray UNITED STATES
  14. Lily DeLancey Lily Sovereign Springdale UNITED STATES

    I had the most beautiful wedding ever at Creekwood Gardens!! My dream wedding and it was provided by Lisa!

  15. Ruthie Allen Springdale UNITED STATES
  16. Suzanna Gray Rogers, AR UNITED STATES

    With no actual violations against Creekwood Gardens, there should be no reason to revoke her permit. Good Ole Boy system at work…

  17. Melissa Curiel Lowell UNITED STATES

    We support Creekwood Gardens! Lisa was very clear where guests could park and all guests followed the rules.

  18. Lauren Bryant Fayetteville UNITED STATES
  19. Brooke McNeely West Fork UNITED STATES
  20. Danielle Wood Rogers, AR UNITED STATES

    I have been to a few weddings at Creekwood Gardens, and it's a beautiful location! It would be a shame to be shut down due to a cranky neighbor. Good luck Lisa!

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