Skybar unlimited drinks deal

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Created June 14, 2009 by emma

Human Rights

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  1. rachael hearn UNITED KINGDOM
  2. may thomas Wickford UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Luke Harland Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    the deal was amazin and brought a really gd nite with it, now its changed i dnt feel its anywhere near as gd

  4. Lucy Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM
  5. nicola jenkins canvey island UNITED KINGDOM
  6. victoria wilkinson basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back sky bars unlimited drinks!!

  7. cathy foley basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    please bring back the sky deal as it is a good deal ,

  8. chrissie Pumfrett basildon UNITED KINGDOM
  9. dean smith basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    please let us have are drinks deal back!!!


    please bring back the sky bar all inclsive drinks deals! alot of us cant afford a £70 pound night out! Plus sky bar provides good security who dont push people about unlike liquid and envy.

  11. Paul Warren UNITED KINGDOM
  12. ashleigh mayes basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    let the deal back on! it may premote drinking but at least it stops people being on the streets bashing up our cars, becoz all other clubs are too expensive! it keeps them all under one roof under control!

  13. kelly nicholls basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    iam a single mum of 3 so cant affort alot and when i heard about skybar and the deal they had i couldnt wait to go i start gettin nights out again and everyone loved the deal they had goin on i think is needs to cum back xx luv kel xx

  14. cassie gosling basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    please bring back the deal as im a student, and dont relly have the money for anywhere else!

  15. Emma Welch basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    people should choose when they want to stop drinking, thats the point of a night out. derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    Luminar own Lava Ignite where i live, 1penny entry and 90p per drink. they are obviously jealous of sky bar doing better than them down in Essex.

  17. kerry fullman south Ockendon NORWAY
  18. K Farrant UNITED KINGDOM
  19. tyler ives basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    you should bring it back that woz your main attraction

  20. Neal Brooke UNITED KINGDOM
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