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Created January 25, 2014 by admin


Slliming world have syns, weight watchers have points but members need an easier way when shopping to find product values. Weight watchers members have an excellent app for mobile phones where members can scan product bar codes to check the point value. Please support and sign this petition if you would like slimming world to develop an app that would show the syn value of products scanned.

There are currently 191 signatures for this petition:

  1. John Cleeve

    Would simplify shopping and reduce frustration levels.

  2. Gail Crabb UNITED KINGDOM

    Need scanner as can’t spell and can’t see without glasses when inputting food

  3. Sue Clements UNITED KINGDOM

    As a Type 1 diabetic I have to carb count as well as syn count
    Having used the weight watcher app and my fitness pal app which are both excellent, I believe Slimming World to be rather backwards in this aspect

  4. Sharon maloney

    This would make my word so much easier

  5. Elizabeth UNITED KINGDOM

    Long overdue! Weight watchers do it…

  6. Olwynne Frankton UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make shopping so much easier and quicker.

  7. Linda Eldridge

    I write absolutely everything down to help my goal to lose weight. When I’m out or at work and pop to the shop, it would be very convenient and useful to be able to scan the bar code on food items to find syn values. As you can with Weight Watchers.


    Sometimes finding certain information is so frustrating and time consuming. Slimming_world needs to bring one in, surely it would benefit the club. Weight Watchers have one so I’m sure slimming world should too.

  9. J ill

    This app would be do useful can’t think why on earth there isn’t one available

  10. Sengul Plail UNITED KINGDOM

    It would make life easier and for £60 paid for online membership its the least Slimming World should provide



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