Stop The Introduction Of Car Parking Charges In Hamworthy Park

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Created January 29, 2016 by helencraig


For over half a century hamworthy park has been enjoyed by generations both from throughout the borough and beyond – free to enter, free to park and free to play. The proposal to charge for car parking, even starting with a minimal payment, will penalise those who come daily: to deliver / collect children, to use the play equipment/paddling pool, for wind/kite surfing, for dog-walking, for exercise, for fishing and also those who come for foot-ball, for tennis, for kite-flying, to set up a game of cricket or rounders or who are brought just to enjoy the vista and/or to have a cup of coffee in the café. Those who like to enjoy the park for a day:
beach-hut owners, cubs, picnickers, swimmers, canoeists, wind/kite surfers, childminders, hcoec customers will find the proposed four hour maximum stay unrealistic and cumulatively costly. In addition, the impact of this proposal will be parking (by those who wish to avoid a parking charge) from march to october in the few local roads. This is a situation that already causes congestion and sometimes gridlock during the school holidays when the car-park on the park is full. I object to the proposal by the borough of poole both to charge for car parking and the proposed four hour maximum stay on hamworthy borough park – public open space

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  1. Alistair King UNITED KINGDOM

    It is so nice (and rare) to be able to just park up and walk the dog without having to think about having change for parking. This will reduce the use of Hamworthy Park for everyone who just likes to go for a nice 30 minute walk or coffee. Please stop this from happening.

  2. Lucie Popham

    Amazing place to take my daughter. The fact that it’s free means I am more like to take her there. Not paying for parking means that I am more likely to buy her an ice cream or something for the cafe. Having to pay to park means that this will likely have to stop.

  3. Janet Sullivan UNITED KINGDOM

    Should not pay to enjoy the beaches and parks

  4. Amanda way

    Having a park where you don’t have to pay is ideal when you just want to go for a quick walk with dogs and kids or just take kids to the park for a quick half hour I believe if you need to pay there won’t be as many visitors

  5. Marilyn Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    It has been a park which generations have used, it would be an absolute travesty to start charging for the car park. It wouldn’t get used half as much or it would only block the road up which I’m sure the residents would object to.

  6. Shaun Bridgman UNITED KINGDOM

    Hamworthy resident, and local (almost daily) windsurfer. How much will it cost to put in a meter (site it, supply electricity etc., collect the tax – I mean money – enforce the time limit as well as check the time stamps…)? and… we’re already paying for our beach hut site – now we can only use it for 4 hours with out sticking more money in a meter? Is council limiting all their beach hut owners up and down the coast to a 4 hour limit?

  7. Colin Williams

    My reason is. We as a county pay enough for everything,if you want to go for a meal
    Or a drink in the town centre at night you have to pay that’s why the town centre
    Is dead at night,now your killing off the parks by charging.I will never pay to park
    The car at these parks.

  8. adriana old

    Fprmer resident of ashmore avenue . i would like to visit from time to time .and not to worry about charges

  9. L.stubbs


  10. sydney rose UNITED KINGDOM

    cost and the car park is already to small, what will happen if I go to park having paid for a permit and there is no room.Poole is expanding in people and housing but depleting the leisure facilities

  11. Meg Fisher UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m a local and although I do not use a car to go to this park, I have friends who do. They will no longer be able to enjoy days out alongside us without such a silly expense which is unnecessary

  12. Gemma jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I use it regularly with my 2 children and rarely have change on me. This would put me off using park. Also many mums use for school pickup as can’t park near the school. There are other ways of raising money for park that would also bring community together.

  13. Geri Slate

    It will cause caos to residents and road user alike. With people choosing not to be limited by time or having to clock watch when your relaxing. Also having to pay to park.

  14. Michael Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    The local authority should be doing all it can do to encourage a healthy lifestyle, for individuals and families. Exercise and our door activities that don’t cost are so important especially for families.
    Charging will discourage people using the parks and public spaces.
    The council could easily save money or raise money from advertising in these spaces.

  15. Elizabeth Louised UNITED KINGDOM

    A place for families to go free and enjoy healthy pursuits together should not be discouraged.

  16. Lucy Alderson UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the last way the council should be doing! Use of public spaces for local people should be accessible freely.

  17. Tim Frampton UNITED KINGDOM

    Sure they tried this before but struggled to enforce it due to past agreements and had to remove the meter?

  18. Patricia Ward UNITED KINGDOM

    I use all the parks a lot and being a pensioner could not afford to at all if charges are brought in, I pay council tax and live in the area and I feel this is a very unfair charge penalising local people.

  19. chris bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    I cannot see any good reason to introduce parking charges. Why waste money installing and operating meters, employing people to administer them, and causing inconvenience to people who will have to mess about finding change for meters.
    It would be far more cost effective to just increase council tax by £1 per house in poole, which would probably raise an extra £50000 per year. Most people would rather pay a very small increase in council tax than have to mess about with parking meters, which are a very expensive way of collecting tax.

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