Ban Smoking throughout Coram Fields Playground

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Created July 22, 2010 by Daniel


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There are currently 84 signatures for this petition:

  1. Silke Ehrhart London UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Rachel Church-Moore London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Raj Arumugam London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. mayumi iwashita UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Victoria Hart London UNITED KINGDOM

    Coram Fields is one of the very few places specifically for children. Permitting smoking does not make sense.

  6. Maria Dumas UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Ali Farkhunda Jabeen Cnamde UNITED KINGDOM
  8. deborah felix UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Carol Waller London UNITED KINGDOM

    It is the discarded cigarette butts that cause me most concern as babies often pick them up and try to put them in their mouths.

  10. Janette John Ilford
  11. Rima Gupta UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Graeme Weston Londin

    Smoking is of course already prohibited in Coram Feilds and there are some signs that state this. The problem is that the prohibition isn't enforced at all. I worry that child could inadvertently wonder into a carelessly held cigarette and causing a burn or even blind a child. And 'ends discarded on to the floor represent a real choking hazard (not to mention they are toxic). More signage (perhaps explaining the dangers), and polite, but constant and consistent, enforcement are what's needed.

  14. Claudia Schmid London UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally obvious! Smoking must not be allowed to pollute the air breathed by children, especially children who are revovering from serious health conditions.

  15. Aroon Dhoot London UNITED KINGDOM

    Going to Corams fields is as much a time for children to play as it is for adults to get time outdoors. I do not agree that smoking should be banned as its the same as banning unhealthy food from family restaurants – the parents suffer too.\r\n\r\nHowever in the interest of the children I propose that perhaps a smoking section of the park should be considered. This will prevent children being put at risk where parents may leave the park to smoke and also maintains tax revenues for central government which can only enhance council funding for further children activities.

  16. Catherine Deese Munich GERMANY

    Most likely the best thing is to designate a smoking area with ashtrays as well.

  17. Natasha Noordzij london UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Jen Hill Camden UNITED STATES
  19. Maria Diemling London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Helen Bedford London UNITED KINGDOM

    Coram's Fields is ofetn visited by children who are being treated in Great Ormond Street Hopsital These children by definition often have very serious conditions and are particularly vulnerable to the effects of passive smoking.

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