Ban Smoking throughout Coram Fields Playground

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Created July 22, 2010 by Daniel


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There are currently 84 signatures for this petition:

  1. patrizia sprenger-amann london UNITED STATES

    a smoking corner would do

  2. b bennett

    Make cram fields a non-smoking zone, please!

  3. Michael Boylan London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Monica Renton
  5. James Renton UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Guido Stefanec London
  7. Monica Gonzalez-Correa UNITED KINGDOM
  8. J Carasco Londoon UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Charlotte Franklin London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Maike Heining London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Tania Reddin London UNITED KINGDOM

    Coram Fields is a haven for children, especially children like my son who looks forward to visiting the park when he has an appointment at Great Ormond Street hospital. It'd be a healthier and cleaner place for children with the smoking ban.

  12. stephanie lord camden UNITED KINGDOM

    i do not support smoking around children.

  13. Christopher Birch Edenbridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with your campaign. This is so important.

  14. Ruben Flores London UNITED KINGDOM

    I use to be a smoker but gave up before I had children. I fully support this petition because no one benefits from smoking tobacco, especially young people.

  15. Karen Borgschulte UNITED KINGDOM
  16. marianna trezza london UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Sarah Coogan Islington UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Claudia Schmid Haringey UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree with this! Surely you would not wish to harm the most vulnerable by making them inhale that filthy stuff.

  19. Constanze Müller Munich GERMANY
  20. Lesley Dove Hampton UNITED KINGDOM

    I used to be involved in Vegan families picnics and gatherings, and we often used Coram's Fields, although no longer are there regularly now two out of three of my children are in their teens. I was always appalled that smoking was allowed there and totally support your campaign which I was alerted to by the ASH daily email update.

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