Ban Smoking throughout Coram Fields Playground

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Created July 22, 2010 by Daniel


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There are currently 84 signatures for this petition:

  1. Anna Pearce UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Heather Bailey UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Elizabeth Carrey UNITED KINGDOM
  4. angie wade london UNITED KINGDOM
  5. richard chin UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Helen Roberts London UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Christiania Meredith Aberysthwyth UNITED KINGDOM

    on visit with three children – agree

  8. Jonathan Bentovim UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Claire Townsend London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. ben kember UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Dani Kranz London GERMANY
  12. pat wiseman london UNITED KINGDOM

    At a time when most adult smokers are trying to stop smoking for health reasons, the practice of those who continue to do so within close proximity of children set a poor example by modelling the behaviour. It also poses a risk: there is the tobacco smoke and even in open spaces playing children run about without heeding the danger of lit cigarettes. I am appalled that adult men and women would set such a poor example, not only with the smoking habit, but also in showing no respect. They totally disregard signs requesting that Coram Fields remains a smoke free area.If people need to smoke they should go outside of the gated area and not remain within sight of children. Not every parent wishes his/her offspring to have this behaviour modelled.

  13. Family Wiseman Munich UNITED KINGDOM

    The practice should not be allowed on Coram Fields. This is a place designated by a philanthropist for children's well-being. Smoking is not a habit that may be regarded as conducive to children's well-being.

  14. Laura Lagana UNITED KINGDOM
  15. jo Beckmann london
  16. Ulrike Hensel-Burg London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Mara Biotic Central London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please, Ban smoking throughout CORAM FIELDS! Thank you

  18. Natalie Denby London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. gisela meyer London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Joy Schendledecker Clerkenwell UNITED STATES

    the sign at the entrance and the small, temporary signs posted around the play areas don't seem to work for the die-hard smokers. i think the coram's staff need to talk to parents they see smoking.

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