Defend The Right To Protest – Oppose The Criminalisation Of Protest

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Created March 16, 2012 by Glasgow


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  1. Patrick Kirwan

    Defend the right to protest!

  2. Dave Knight

    Thugs in uniform, protectors of the elite.

  3. Ewan Stewart

    Witnessing someone being arrested for “incitement” (later changed to breach of the peace, as I understand it,) for voicing their disapproval of NAZIS being allowed to march through Glasgow city center, illustrates perfectly what side Strathclyde Police’s bread is buttered on.

  4. jon connoly UNITED KINGDOM

    Corruption everywhere, homeless on the street, people starving, still we pay for jubilees and illuminati olympic games….
    More and more people are waking up everyday. lets kill this evil bloodline once and for all.

  5. L Maurice-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Abuse of power is not acceptable.

  6. may colquhpun UNITED KINGDOM

    please put this on care2 protect our rights

  7. P Kent

    To criminalise protest is to enslave. Protest is a right not a crime!

  8. gordonjameson UNITED KINGDOM

    we the people need to stand up to this government and the rothschild globalsiation the police are a company registered as such at companies house, they work for the uk gov, not the uk people, the uk is owned by the rothschild corporation as is the usa



  10. Eva Denche Moreno UNITED KINGDOM

    go for it!!

  11. Jessica Simons UNITED KINGDOM

    We must defend our right to protest!

  12. paul boyd UNITED KINGDOM

    the right to protest should not be a decision for govt

  13. winnie mcdougall UNITED KINGDOM

    Removing the right to protest makes no sense. Our society will make no progress without protest. It is a fundamental curtailment to the self-interest of legislators.

  14. Jennifer Zotou UNITED KINGDOM

    Never try to take away my right to protest – it is up to me if I choose to exercise it – but it IS a right

  15. jacinta Aitken UNITED KINGDOM

    disgraceful, is this george square or tennamen

  16. finola scott UNITED KINGDOM

    I witnessed Police trying to make George Sq in to a HUGE kettle. Police ( from Glasgow & other divisions) in riot gear linked arms & circled the ENTIRE square! They refused to let people out – until they were asked for their rank & number.

  17. gerry loose UNITED KINGDOM

    GCC should remember that they can quite easily be voted out of office – begin that route by attempting to take away the right of lawful demonstration

  18. Andy Inglis

    I have personally experienced the unlawful and underhanded tactics that Strathclyde Police routinely employ to suppress the peoples’ right to assembly and peaceful protest. This has to stop.


    You’ll miss them when they are all gone!

  20. Scott Mortimer UNITED KINGDOM


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